Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bad Apple Alert

When 83-year old Lorraine Nelson got a phone call last month from a telemarketer offering carpet cleaning for $57 per room, she thought she was getting a deal.

“These guys showed up and, while one worked, the other one kept me busy outside talking,” said Nelson. “They gave me two separate receipts and never told me what the real cost would be.”

Nelson said she gave the men $100 cash as a deposit and asked the balance be put on her credit card. She was soon informed by the workers that stronger and more expensive cleaning solutions were needed to treat her carpets.

“They gave me a second receipt for $856 and I wondered what the charge was for,” said Nelson, who increasingly felt intimidated by the workers. “I asked them what happened to the $100 I gave them and they said that was their tip.”

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The formula is simple. Everybody knows that money talks. So the simplest and most efficient way to attract your attention is to offer a service at a ridiculously low price. That gets them in your door. Cheap sells.....

Be careful. Cheap may sell, but cheap has its own high price to pay.

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