Friday, November 30, 2007

Meet Rachel - Our New Manager in Panama City

You may even remember Rachel. She was one of two star employees that were mentioned in a fantastic customer testimonial. Click here to read the testimonial.

Now if you read the testimonial, you already know why we selected Rachel as our new manager in Panama City. She's energetic. She's ambitious. And she's excited. She embodies everything we look for in a leader.

Some of you in Bay County have already met Rachel. Many of you in Okaloosa County have also met Rachel. That's because Rachel was our lead training manager for the last 18 months. She's trained every single new employee for our Fort Walton Beach office during that period. Our customers loved her and they already miss her.

But the good news is that everyone in Panama City gets to receive her awesome customer service now. Thank you Rachel. You've got a bright future.

Click here for another article about Rachel.

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