Monday, November 19, 2007

Talking To Your Maid About You

They rid the rug of pine needles and ensure that guests don't find scum in the bathtub. They render the kitchen floor gleaming, so that if the turkey slides off the platter and lands on the tiles, it's still edible. And with any luck, they keep pace with the kids' bedrooms so that if auntie decides to hike up to the second floor, she'll have no cause to finger-wag.

While the hoopla of the season is mostly devoted to purchasing the perfect gifts, it might be said that it is the cleaning folks who are the true elves of the holidays. They provide the pristine backdrop you need to ensure that your decorations aren't lost amid clutter or dust.

With this in mind, we decided to talk to a few of those undaunted souls who battle our grime weekly; we listened to their tales of a life lived on the front lines of people's messy lives and heard about the special pressures of the holiday season.

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