Friday, December 26, 2008

Cleaning For A Reason Extends To South Walton County

Two Maids & A Mop has always had a so-called "dead area". We define that area has the stretch of land between Santa Rosa Beach and Panama City Beach. The area is filled with plenty of potential customers, but it's simply too far for us to reach from Fort Walton Beach or Panama City. So we've always had to turn people away as a result.

But it looks like we might have a found an answer to our dilemma. A new maid service that serves our "dead area" has recently joined Cleaning For A Reason.

Of course, Cleaning For A Reason is the national, non-profit organization that teams with local cleaning companies to provide free housecleanings to women undergoing cancer treatment. It's a wonderful charity and it's an even better service that is provided as a result of the charity.

Southern Maid & A Maintenance has recently joined the charity and we'd like to welcome them to the Cleaning For A Reason charity. They serve our "dead area" and your welcome to call them if you're reading this from Highway 30A!!

Click here to read a local article from the Northwest Florida Daily News about Cleaning For A Reason, Southern Maid & Maintenance and, of course, Two Maids & A Mop.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas From Bailey The Reindeer Dog

It never snows down here along the gulf coast, but this is still funny.......


Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Individual Maid Strikes Again

IDAHO - A woman was arrested for allegedly stealing money from houses she was contracted to clean. The Major Crimes Division went to investigate complaints of missing money at three different houses.

Investigators believe an independently contracted house cleaner, hired by all three homeowners, stole the money.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Real Life Examples Of People That You Can Hire Today

Example #1 - Hi, my name is Susanne. I am looking for a job prefferably under the table pay. I have cleaned for aramark before at the niagara on the lake wineries (hildebrandt and piller) please let me know if you have anything available. thanks


Example #3 - I'm looking for any under the table odd jobs or labor jobs in or around the foothills area....just looking for some work

You get the picture. Hiring an "under the table" maid or cleaning lady usually results in you calling an "above the table" cleaning company at some point. You can repeat the mistakes of thousands of other people or you can just go ahead and hire a professional cleaning company first.

I always thought it was ironic that most people lock their doors at night, yet some of those same people sometimes hire just about anyone to clean their home (assuming that the price is right). The irony, of course, is that strangers are in your home voluntarily during the day.

There's a tremendous difference between a housecleaner and a professional housecleaner.

Monday, December 15, 2008

1100 Women Helped Through Cleaning For A Reason!!

There’s nothing like chemotherapy to kill your will to get up and mop, wax and vacuum. That’s why cleaning crews across the nation are performing these duties without charge for women who are undergoing cancer treatment.

"I can’t make the pain go away. I can’t make the fear go away," said a co-owner of a cleaning company that supports Cleaning For A Reason. "I can’t make it better, but I can make home OK."

Downer works with Cleaning for a Reason. The nonprofit organizes professional housekeeping businesses that donate their services to women who are receiving cancer treatment.

The housekeepers will clean the house once a month for up to four months. The maximum each cleaning service will take on at a time is two patients. For a patient to qualify, physicians must verify her illness.

Debbie Sardone created the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation a little less than three years ago. By her calculation, its volunteers have donated services worth $180,000. "It’s probably been my greatest joy in my career," said Sardone, who owns a Texas-based cleaning company.

"We’ve helped over 1,100 women."

Click here for the rest of this great article. And click here for more information on how to start receiving this free service from Two Maids & A Mop.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Top Immigration Officials' House Cleaned By Illegal Citizen

Every few weeks for nearly four years, the Secret Service screened the IDs of employees for a Maryland cleaning company before they entered the house of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, the nation's top immigration official.

The company's owner says the workers sailed through the checks -- although some of them turned out to be illegal immigrants.

Now, the owner finds himself in a predicament that he considers especially confounding. In October, he was fined $22,880 after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigators said he failed to check identification and work documents and fill out required I-9 verification forms for employees, five of whom he said were part of crews sent to Chertoff's home and whom ICE told him to fire because they were undocumented.

In addition to the Chertoffs' house, the service once cleaned the home of former president Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, as well as homes of Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright. In those cases, he said, his company worked as a subcontractor and billing was done by a larger contractor firm.

Red flags everywhere!!! Anytime you hear the word subcontractor - be wary. Be vary wary because subcontracting is most often used as a means to provide cheap labor. Plain and simple.

Of course, another red flag deals with the illegal employees. A simple nationwide background check would have verified the citizenship of each employee. It would have cost $50 per employee, a lot less than a $23,000 fine.

In the end, this article proves a much bigger point. Cheap sells - even to our most decorated public officials.

If you want to hire a professional cleaning company, don't expect for a low price to be the biggest benefit that you'll receive. Expect on-time service, every time. Expect legal, safe and secure employees. Expect customer service at its best. Expect quality, nontoxic cleaning supplies. And yes, expect a clean house too.

Be careful out there. Hiring a maid is easy. So is starting a maid service company.

Monday, December 08, 2008

How To Hire An Illegal Maid

One would assume that a U.S. border official would know the difference between an illegal maid versus a legal maid. You know what they say about assuming....

A U.S. border official whose job it is to keep illegal aliens out of New England was busted yesterday for knowingly employing three Brazilian housekeepers who snuck into the United States unlawfully.

Cheap sells. Even when it breaks the law.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Thank You For Loving Us!!

We've had a terrible week. I guess even Nobel Peace Prize winners can't make everybody happy. But we'll keep trying. Thanks to Brian for ending the week on a great note.

Hey Guys, the house looks great as usual. Please give the girls a 10. I don't know what I would do without you.
Brian from Gulf Breeze

The Micki Guarantee

It's been a difficult week for Two Maids & A Mop. We've battled the flu with some of our key staff members. We've battled a customer in a tug of war of right versus wrong. And we've battled several decisions relating to our future marketing plans.

All in all, we've learned a lot from this week.

1. The flu has no remedy. Only time and rest work.
2. You can't make everybody happy. Not even Nobel Peace Prize winners have made everybody happy.
3. Marketing is much less important than operations, quality control and human resources.

As the week comes to an end, we'd like to announce an unprecented customer satisfaction guarantee:

So that we'll never forget the one time that we really upset a customer, we're introducing The Micki Guarantee:

When you hire Two Maids & A Mop, you can be guaranteed that you will be 100% satisfied. No, that doesn't mean that we'll clean perfect all the time. No, that doesn't mean that we'll say all the right things all the time. And no, that doesn't even mean that we'll refund all of your money when you ask for it back. The Micki Guarantee is much more than each of those three things.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your housecleaning.... or, if you are not 100% satisfied with your level of customer service.... Two Maids & A Mop will reclean your home for free... plus, Two Maids & A Mop will let you decide what the appropriate payment should be... plus, Two Maids & A Mop will donate your entire payment to
Cleaning For A Reason - the national nonprofit foundation that we partner with to provide FREE housecleanings to women undergoing cancer treatment.

Yes, these are just words right now. But we'll back it up everytime by posting a picture of our check to Cleaning For A Reason. In addition, we'll use this blog as a means of learning from our mistakes so that similar mistakes in the future won't occur.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

On The Most Recent Nonsense.....

The recent turmoil centered around an unhappy customer has created quite a bit of interest. Just scroll down to the next post and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Throughout the saga, there's been lots of name calling. Trash talking. And even some rude and character defaming comments. It ends now.

Two Maids & A Mop was contracted to perform a deep cleaning for one customer. The hourly charge was $75 per hour for a team of two maids. The fact is that we needed more time to completely finish our job. Yes, there's a chance that we made mistakes. Yes, there's a chance that we fast forwarded through some areas. And yes, there's a chance that - given time - we would have produced a sparkling, clean home. But nobody can concretely say yes or no to anything at this point.

That's why we refunded the customer $324. That's why we were willing to lose money on this job. That's why we apologized privately and publicly. And that's why changed our procedures so that this saga never gets repeated.

We've begged for forgiveness and yet - our business continues to get trapped in the line of fire. Please stop the nonsense and move on.

The smart thing to do would be to eliminate any history of this mess. But the professional thing to do is to address the issue. Our customers know that we're not perfect. And our customers also know that we care more about our reputation than a silly dollar.

At the end of the day, we feel comfortable knowing that we've done the right thing. We refunded 60% of the customer's money (at the customer's request mind you - and yes, I know I negotiated for $25 more dollars). We apologized countless times. We accepted responsibility. We learned from our mistakes. And we've never once lowered our ourselves to the point of name calling or character defamation.

We're all human. Let's all now start acting a little more humane. Please.

Monday, December 01, 2008

The REALLY Unhappy Customer

Two Maids & A Mop has finally done it. We've made one person EXTREMELY upset. Take a look at this blog and you'll see how unhappy she is......

What Happened:
1. For a deep cleaning, we charge $75 per hour for a team of two maids. We typically provide a rough time estimation for the deep cleaning and that estimate is correct 90% of the time. We make every attempt to tell the prospective customer that we don't know for sure how long the cleaning will take - after all, we're just talking over the phone. But history usually serves as the best example - so we use historical examples of similar sized homes as our guide. We're correct about 90% of the time; which means that we're wrong 10% of the time. That's why we strongly suggest that the time estimation is just that - an estimation based on our best guess.

In this case, we needed two days. Yet, we stopped after just seven hours because the work day had ended. However, we were more than willing to arrive the next morning to continue our work. Unfortunately, we weren't called by the customer until 9 AM the next morning (the day before Thanksgiving). That left us in a bind because all of our employees time had been allocated for the day. In addition, the problem was compounded by the holiday because we were not open Thursday or Friday.

2. The fact is that our deep cleanings are SLOW. They should be slow and we will not ever change the pace of our deep cleanings. The very definition of a deep cleaning infers the pace of the cleaning.

3. This cleaning cost a lot of money to the customer. No doubt about it. In fact, it may be the most costly cleaning ever since our inception. When I heard about the cost, I was immediately concerned because I knew that someone had just paid a ton of money and their house was still not completely cleaned. The perfect recipe for disaster.

What Should Have Happened:
1. Once we saw the mountain that we had to climb, we should have informed the customer that we were going to require at least two days of cleaning. That was our fault and we accept responsibility.

2. We should have responded to this customer's complaints well before today. We can blame the holiday, but the real blame lies with me. I should have checked into our email system periodically over the break just to make sure that everything was ok. It wasn't.

3. We should have been open and honest with the customer about the cost implications and the time requirements. We can defend our time quote, but once inside - we should have alerted the customer to the possibility of an extremely expensive cleaning.

What We Have Learned:
1. We will no longer charge by the hour for a deep cleaning. Too many people think we're working to simply inflate our price. Too many people think our pace of cleaning is slow. And too many people just sit there calculating the final total. This isn't the first time and it won't be the last - so from this point forward - we're going to charge flat rates based on the number people living inside the home and the home's total square footage. This should alleviate this problem forever.

2. We need to check our email during holiday breaks.

What We Will Do To Make This Customer Happy:
1. We'll do whatever she wants us to do. It's a hard lesson, but we're willing to learn from our mistakes. We've never claimed to be perfect and we'll probably make another mistake just as serious as this one down the road. But for now, we've learned our lesson. And we'll pay for it.

This won't happen ever again. The formula for this type of disaster is now dead.

P.S. There's a reason our customers selected us for this award. And this one too.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Testimonial From Gulf Breeze

"I cannot say enough great things about the ladies. They continually go above and beyond my expectations. They even clean the cat dishes and make the baby's crib up! As a single parent with a husband in Afghanistan their little touches make such a difference.

Keep up the great service!"

Kimberly from Gulf Breeze, FL

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cleaning Up By Cleaning Out

STUART, FL -- Laura Scoggins had a long criminal history, but people left her alone in their homes. Detectives say Scoggins took advantage of the freedom, going through jewelry boxes and stealing valuables.

Scoggins is a former employee of a cleaning service and is charged with taking items from the homes of clients and her employer while performing cleaning services.

Scoggins served time in prison for drug and theft charges before this latest crime spree.

And there you have it. A housecleaner with a drug and theft conviction. Which means that you have a housecleaner that is not bonded. Which also means that nobody is getting any type of monetary retribution more than likely.

When you hire a professional housecleaning company, demand that your cleaning company prove to you that each and every employee is bonded. Because you can't be bonded if you've been convicted of theft.

There's a reason you don't let strangers into your home at night. Why should it be any different during the day?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two Maids & A Mop Radio Commercial

The Two Maids & A Mop Radio Commercial

Airing in Fort Walton Beach, Panama City and Pensacola (all the stations to the right)......

P.S. If you didn't click the link, you are missing one heck of a deal. Two Maids & A Mop is offering $100 gift cards at rock bottom prices of only $50!!!

For only $50, you can receive a $100 TwoMaids gift card - a 50% savings!!!

You can purchase the gift cards at this website. (The Two Maids & A Mop link will not be ready until Thursday, November 20th)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Even Government Doesn't Get It

Even government doesn't get it.....

"The council also approved the low bid of $7,800 from DK Cleaning Services from Conyers, as a cleaning service for City Hall. This bid was approved over three others of $17,400, $20,820, and $31,906."

Wait until next years budget meeting.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pro's & Con's Of Hiring An Individual Maid

The Pro's
- CHEAP. The most obvious benefit to hiring an individual maid is the low rate. Individual maids are cheap. In some cases, very cheap.

- SAME PERSON. Some people prefer seeing the same cleaning person each visit. An individual maid is only one person, so you should be able to receive the same cleaning person each time.

- QUALITY. There's a chance that you may hire the world's most ambitious housecleaner. She's not cleaning for money. Nope, she's cleaning because she loves cleaning. Believe it or not, it happens. And when it happens, there's no cleaning company on earth that can compete against it.

- CHEAP. The low cleaning rate of an individual maid needs to be mentioned twice because that's the biggest reason for hiring an individual maid.

The Con's
- CHEAP. That low rate offered by an individual maid may look cheap on the surface but you're missing one big point. What if she quits? What if she's late? What if is she breaks something? What if she hurts herself? What if you owe additional payroll taxes? And what if she steals from you?

The answer to each question is that the cheap rate will suddenly become real expensive. When she quits, you have to hire someone else - your time is money. Same goes for late arrivals - who wants to sit around all morning waiting on a maid to show up? The rest of the questions are obvious. But we've provided a few real-world examples for illustration.

What if she breaks something?
What if she hurts herself?
What if you owe additional payroll taxes?
What if she steals from you?

- QUALITY. There's a chance that you have hired the world's best cleaner. But there's also a chance that you have simply hired an out-of-work person that needs some quick cash. And starting a housecleaning business is one of the easiest ways to make some quick cash. The question you need to ask yourself is this.... Are you a customer, or are you a side job? Because side jobs don't get the same attention as customers. When you hire a professional cleaning company, you're a customer. We think housecleaning from 8 AM - 5 PM Monday-Friday. Housecleaning is our focus and that should be a big deal to you.

- FLEXIBILITY. You can cancel at the last minute and we won't care. You can rearrange your cleaning schedule at the last minute and we won't care. You can even schedule a cleaning 12 months in advance and we'll guarantee that we'll be there - and on time! We don't get too sick to work. We don't get pregnant and quit work. We don't move out of town. And we don't sleep too late every now and then. We show up when you tell us to show up. Something even the best individual maid can't promise.

- CUSTOMER SERVICE. To sum it up best, professional cleaning companies treat their customers better than individual maids. Plain and simple - no doubt about it. And the reason that professional cleaning companies treat you better is because our entire day is centered around serving your needs. We don't use notebooks to schedule your housecleaning. We don't use your supplies to clean your house. And we don't take a day off and ask to reschedule your housecleaning. We clean houses and nothing else. And that's great to hear if you're wanting to hire a housecleaning company.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Formula For Theft

Step 1. Create a business name that makes you sound like a real business. ABC Cleaning Company. Superior Maid Service. Whatever it takes to sound professional.

Step 2. Plaster posters all over town offering a cheap rate.

Step 3. There is no step three. That's all it takes to get invited into your home. Cheap rates with a professional name.

Dont believe me? Then click the link for proof.
The Formula For Theft - Illustrated

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How An Individual Maid Gets Away With A Crime

It's really simple. An individual maid gets away with theft because you let her get away with it. No, I'm not referring to actual theft from your home. I'm referring to theft from our government.

Here's how Two Maids & A Mop is collecting money from you and giving it to our government:

Payroll Taxes - Each dollar that TwoMaids pays in wages is taxed. Two Maids & A Mop pays a percentage of that tax and the employee pays of percentage of that tax. This tax funds things such as medicare and education.
Social Security - Each dollar that TwoMaids pays in wages is sent to the Social Security Fund. Two Maids & A Mop pays a percentage of that tax and the employee pays of percentage of that tax. This tax funds your retirement.
Sales Taxes - Revenue generated from commercial cleaning (offices) is taxed by at least 6%. This tax funds local projects such as road construction and fire departments.
Federal Income Taxes - Any and all profits generated by Two Maids & A Mop is taxed accordingly. This tax funds anything and everything - from military expenses to government bailouts.

Here's how an individual maid is collecting money from you and giving it to our government:

Payroll Taxes - Zero.
Social Security - Zero.
Sales Taxes - Zero
Federal Income Taxes - Zero.

Obviously, it's not fair. But that's not the point. The point is that our government relies on its people for survival. Roads aren't built for free. And your social security check has to be funded by someone.

This much is true. If you are hiring an individual maid, then you are committing a crime. So is your individual maid. You probably don't care - especially if that means incredible savings.

You voted yesterday because that's your civil service. It doesn't end at the booth. Either hire a professional cleaning company or demand that your individual maid stop involving you in a crime.

Just because your theft is anonymous doesn't mean that you aren't taking money out of someone else's pocket.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Customer Testimonial From Niceville

"Thank you for the wonderful service your team did for me. I am beyond impressed at the level of cleanliness. The dust was gone - above the door ways, fireplace, banister, everywhere!!

They changed the sheets and put the clean ones on the beds. We have used services in the past, and they can not even compare to the work done by you all. Thank you for a wonderful clean house and I will be spreading the word on what a great company you are. Thank you!"

Martha from Niceville, FL

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scary Stories About Your Maid

In the spirit of Halloween, here's a few scary stories that might hit home with you. (reposted from last year)

1. Your cleaning lady didn't show up today. Did ghosts take her away? Did aliens abduct her? Nope. She just quit on you. Just like you're last cleaning lady.

2. Your maid service is late again. Is it because they think your house is haunted? Is it because your house is located on a creepy hollow? Nope. They just don't care about you. They're unorganized. And they're late every time.

3. Your housecleaner keeps making the same mistakes over and over again. Did your resident goblin put that dust on your nightstand? Did your maid see a ghost in the mirror? Nope. They just forgot again. Just like last week.

4. Your maid keeps leaving earlier and earlier. Is it because your kid's doll is possessed? Is it because your dog is evil? Nope. She's just gotten too comfortable with you. She's your buddy. And you're no longer her customer.

5. You keep hiring one bad housekeeper after another. Did a wicked witch cast a spell on your home? Is your house haunted and you don't know it? Nope. You just keep hiring the same person. You want your house cleaned. But you don't want to pay too much for it. After all, it's just housecleaning.

But of course, if it was only about housecleaning then you wouldn't be hiring a new maid four times a year.

Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Best Maid Service In Panama City

Two Maids & A Mop was recently crowned Best Cleaning Service in Pensacola by the local daily newspaper.

And it looks like an independent website has also crowned Two Maids & A Mop as the Best Maid Service in Panama City!!!

Winning sure does feel good.....

Individual Housecleaner Steals - Again

"A housekeeper was charged after investigators said she took items from a client’s home and reported the house had been burglarized, said the Sheriff’s Office.

The housekeeper was charged with two counts of felony larceny and one count of making a false report to a police station. Reports of missing items were received October 3 and October 15, first by the housekeeper and the second by the homeowner.

When detectives went to the house, they found no evidence of a home invasion."

It's been said before, but it bears repeating. You don't need a brain to become a housecleaner. You don't need money to become a housecleaner. About all you really need is a cheap rate. Because a cheap rate means that somebody will hire you eventually.

It keeps happening. Everyday. But never to you, right?

Don't hire an individual maid. The risk far outweighs the benefit.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Understanding The Risks Of Hiring An Individual Maid

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've seen all the news headlines about the sinking economy. The stock market is plummeting. Real estate has already plummeted. And most importantly, your pocketbook is a lot lighter.

The obvious way to combat a sinking economy is to cut back your expenses. And one of the most popular expenses to cut is your maid service. At least according to the experts.

The consensus from the experts suggest that you switch from the professional housecleaner to an individual housecleaner. After all, it's just housecleaning. Anybody can do it. So why not save some money and still get the same result - a clean house and a fatter wallet?

Now, the experts may be very knowledgeable in personal finances. But they're far from experts in residential cleaning. Because an individual housecleaner may do the exact opposite to your pocketbook. Just ask these folks if they believe that an individual housecleaner is the same thing as a professional housecleaner. Or just ask David Beckham about his thoughts on hiring an individual maid.

Saving money is important. But the risk far outweighs the benefit when you hire an individual housecleaner.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Customer Feedback

Some recent feedback from a very loyal customer....

"I give you a perfect 10!! I looked hard but I can't find one single thing to complain about. You guys are great. I told my neighbor about your pay for performance plan and she loved it too. Thank you for the help again!"

- Sara Croyle of Destin, FL

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Caught Stealing, But Still Cleaning

DAYTON, OH — A woman who stole money from athletic boosters and the youth wrestling association was sentenced to probation, not to exceed five years.

The woman was ordered by Judge Timothy O'Connell to pay $2,864 in restitution to the boosters and $2,463 to the wrestling association. Both sanctions included a payment plan of $50 per month.

The woman, who listed her occupation as a self-employed housecleaner on a police arrest report, declined to speak before the sentencing.

Probation means no jail time. And unfortunately, self-employed housecleaner means that she can get a new maid service customer pretty easily by just offering a low rate. Of course, that would never happen to you - right?

This lady would never be hired a professional maid service company because she wouldn't pass a nationwide criminal background search. But she can be hired by you tomorrow - all because you think that there is no difference between housecleaning and professional housecleaning.

The first step in getting hired by Two Maids & A Mop is to pass a nationwide criminal background search. What's your first step in hiring a housecleaner?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fight The Flu With Simple Cleaning Techniques

They're back, perhaps sooner than you realized. If you don't do something about them now they may stick around for quite some time.

No, they're not a carload of impromptu guests who view your home as their on-the-cheap getaway. They're influenza and friends, the viral vixens that sneak into your home and lounge around while spreading their gunk and funk to you and your family.

Like unwelcome guests, getting rid of them can be quite a chore. That's why health care and home industry professionals say it's best to stop them in their tracks before they invade and gear up now for the certainty that they will be knocking on your door soon.

Here are some tips for keeping germs at bay in the home:

- Wear gloves when cleaning. Germs lurk even when illness isn't present, Carter said. "There are some things you should never touch," she said. "That's why we always wear gloves."

- Wear a mask to protect yourself against airborne germs and viruses.

- Wash hands frequently. "Germs aren't just on toilets," she said. "You can pick up the flu virus by touching a doorknob if it's on there."

- Avoid touching your eyes while cleaning. This helps to not only prevent the spread of viruses, but safeguards your eyes against the effects of strong chemicals or cleaners.

- Turn on bathroom vents and open windows (weather permitting) to allow for better air circulation.

- Change your vacuum bag after extended periods of illness. "It's a good idea to get that out of the house because those germs are in the dirt and they're in the bag," said Dave Segan, owner of Vacuum World in Waynesboro. "It may not solve the problem of the germs that are still in the air and you may still get the flu, but at least by getting that old bag out of the house you've got fewer germs to deal with."

- When humidity levels are low, as they often are in winter, viruses and bacteria can spread more easily and nasal passages can't filter as effectively, increasing illness, notes Abby Buford, a spokeswoman for Lowe's. Installing HEPA filters throughout the home can help confine airborne allergens including household dust, mold and pet dander.

- Help fight the growth of bacteria and mold in the home by using a humidifier designed to guard against germs.

- Houseplants such as ficus, palms and anthriums will help purify the air indoors naturally while making your home look nicer.

Click here for the full article.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Rags We Use

The "rags" we use to clean your home are more accurately defined as microfiber cleaning cloths.

Here's a great article that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the cloths. In a nutshell, they are miracle cloths.

Here's another article on how microfiber works a lot better than the traditional cotton cloths.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

On Diversification In A Down Economy.....

The rule of thumb in a down economy is to diversify in order to survive. The thought is that with less work comes less money. So the obvious strategy is to increase your service offerings (aka diversify). Here's a recent press release from Florida.....

"BOCA RATON, FL -- Mamashana Services, Inc. announced that they will do even more for their customers than clean, including running errands and painting the interior of their houses since many people are having to work longer to make ends meet."

Nothing against this cleaning company, but they're wrong. The last thing you want to do is diversify in a down economy. The first thing you should do is strengthen your focus on your primary means of business.

There's a reason Ruth Chris is the best at serving steaks. And there's a reason Burger King is far from the best at serving hamburgers. Ruth Chris sells steaks. Great steaks - everyday. Burger King sells hamburgers... and chicken.... and fish...... and salads..... even breakfast. None of those menu items are overwhelming.

Diversification may be a great thing in the stock market. But it's a marketer's worst nightmare. The very definition of diversification explains the problem. It's defined as spreading the risk so that you can avoid major loss.

Spreading the risks means providing equal investment in each of your service offerings. And Burger King has already proven that you can't be good at everything. But you can be great at one thing.

So that's what Two Maids & A Mop is doing. We're not diversifying at all. We're not painting walls. We're not washing cars. We're not even cleaning your carpets like so many other cleaning companies.

We're cleaning your house. Everyday - we have only one goal. To be the most professional housecleaning company in the world. And that's a whole lot easier than being diversified.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Two Maids & A Mop Voted "Best In Pensacola Bay"

Two Maids & A Mop has been selected as the best cleaning service in the Pensacola area.

Technically, we came up just a little bit short in the voting for "Best Home Improvement Company". But the results show that we are the only cleaning company or maid service in the top three. In addition, we lost to a giant - Lowe's Corporation!!!

There was no poll surveying people's opinion on best maid service, so the fact that we got any votes in "Best Home Improvement" says a lot about the devotion our customer base has with our business.

Here we are - just a little, tiny cleaning company just trying to make a few customers happy. Little did we know that so many people were paying attention. Thank you to all that voted for Two Maids & A Mop. It's truly an honor....

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Pensacola

The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 500,000 Americans will die as a result of cancer this year. Today is your day to save one of those lives.

All it takes is one mammogram. One mammogram could keep a family of four together. One mammogram could enable a newborn baby to know her mother 18 years later. One mammogram could save a life!

A mammogram is the most effective means of detecting breast cancer. Like most cancers, the earlier you detect the disease - the better your chances of surviving.

But a mammogram isn't cheap. In some cases, the test can cost nearly $300. To make it worse, most health insurance companies don't cover mammograms. And with today's skyrocketing gas prices and rising food costs, you can bet that a mother sometimes has to make a difficult decision between a preventive test or next week's rent payment.

The American Cancer Society does many great things that benefit cancer victims. One of those benefits includes free mammograms. Of course, the ACS can't provide free mammograms for everyone because the cost is just too high. So the ACS has to turn away many women that desperately require this service.

Together, we can make one less woman get turned away. Together, we can save one person's life.

On October 25th, Two Maids & A Mop is participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Pensacola. The walk is a charity event designed to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

If we reach our goal of $300, one more woman will receive a free mammogram. And ultimately, one more life may be saved.

We have signed up to walk and hope you will join us in our effort by signing up to join our team or making a donation in support of our participation. Hope starts with us. And it ends with you.

Click Here To Support Our Cause

Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday Night Live??

Is this real, or is this a comedy sketch???? Nope, it's real and it happens everyday. But never to you, right?

LAFAYETTE, GA -- A man said a woman who was hired to clean his home stole his van.

According to the sheriff’s department reports:

On Sept. 5, between 6 and 7 PM, the woman came to the man’s residence and asked if she could clean his house for money. She said her electricity had been turned off and she needed money to turn it back on. The man told her that she could clean the kitchen and - if she got hungry - could fix herself something to eat.

The man fell asleep and when he awoke, he found the woman had left and taken $12 and his blue 1992 Chevy Astro van.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

TwoMaids on MySpace

Cristi, our Training Manager in Fort Walton Beach, is one awesome member of Two Maids & A Mop. Not only does she perform her job without any problems - but she also goes above and beyond on a regular basis.

Her most recent initiative was to introduce TwoMaids into the social networking world of MySpace.

Check out our MySpace page!!

Thank you Cristi! You are a very special employee. Good things are in front of you!!!!!

Also, check out a few of our employees hanging outside our office in Fort Walton Beach.

P.S. Cristi is on the far right.....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Even Celebrities Don't Get It

Courtney Love apparently can't handle her own mess anymore – and she has had a hard time getting properly hired help. The former "Hole" singer has chosen to post an advertisement for a housekeeper on her MySpace page rather than go through an agency.

Why? Because she says that the cleaning staff she has hired from agencies in the past are all “pigs who steal”!!

1. If they are stealing, then their bond should reimburse you.

2. Hiring randomly from your website is only going to make the problem worse.

To gain trust, you can start by educating yourself on the difference between a professional housecleaner and just a housecleaner.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just Hire Anybody

Does Best Buy compete against a tech geek living in his parent's basement?

Does Ruth Chris compete against a lady who just purchased a cookbook?

The answer: OF COURSE NOT.

Because Best Buy is a business. And most importantly - because Ruth Chris is much better at cooking and serving steaks.

It's obvious that you can buy a cheaper computer from the tech geek. It's also obvious that you can buy a cheaper steak from the lady with a cookbook. You already know this, but you don't care. Because you want to be treated like a customer. And you know that a business will treat you like a customer.

Now keep in mind that we're talking about computers and food. Not your home. Not your most treasured valuables. And not your family's safety. Just computers and food.

Yet everyday, we hear this same old song and dance. "Your rates are too expensive. I'll just hire an individual."

How can your family's home be less important than tonight's dinner?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tales From The Front Line

Heard on the phone just yesterday.....

Caller: "Your rates are too expensive. I'd rather hire an individual cleaner anyway. They need the money more and they'll work harder than a business."

Most of our current customers have already learned their lesson the hard way. I had to learn my own lesson the hard way. And this caller will also have to learn her lesson the hard way.

Individual cleaners show up late. Individual cleaners quit and leave town. Individual cleaners steal. But mostly, individual cleaners don't respect you as a customer. Of course, individual cleaners are also cheap.

And for some, that's all that is required. Until this happens.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why Hiring Your Next Maid From A Road Sign is A Bad Idea

CLERMONT, FL -- Instead of picking things up, a cleaning service is accused of trashing someone's house. The landlord admits she made a big mistake hiring someone off a roadside sign, but what she didn't expect is that the quality of the job depended on the race of her tenants.

The landlord doesn't want to be identified, but claims a cleaning service refused to clean bathrooms and a refrigerator because of the ethnicity of former tenants. The house was trashed, with garbage in every room, and the landlord blames an angry cleaning lady.

Every wall in every room was keyed and the hundreds of feet of scratches will require an entire paint job. The doors of appliances were all bent so they no longer close and someone emptied vacuum cleaner bags all over the house.

No doubt that this landlord has learned her lesson. Will it take this kind of craziness for you to understand the difference between a housecleaner and a professional housecleaner?

Friday, September 05, 2008

On Hiring Just Anyone.....

We staff more than 40 maids every single day. Before one of our maids walks in your front door, we put the prospective employee through an extensive interview process.

Click here to find out how we hire an employee.

For those that didn't click, the main point that you need to know is that every single one of our employees undergoes a nationwide criminal background search. Of course, anything could happen. Just because you've never been convicted of a crime doesn't mean you'll never commit a crime. But it is important to know that we don't just hire anyone.

It takes a lot to get hired by Two Maids & A Mop. After all, we pay more than any other cleaning company in the area. We offer full medical benefits. And we offer a relaxed work atmosphere that can't be found anywhere else (try finding a job that pays you to listen to the radio for 1/3 of the day!)

Long story short, we work our tails off when we hire someone.

But you don't! There's proof everyday that you only hire because the housecleaner is cheap. Just keep scrolling through this blog and you'll see plenty of evidence.

Or you could jut read this excerpt from another chapter of a maid gone bad....

"A woman has been sentenced to a 51-month prison term for the thefts of credit cards and a tennis bracelet from a house she was hired to clean. The sentence was bolstered by the woman's criminal history, which includes felony convictions for first-degree theft, second-degree robbery, and six for drug possession."

What isn't shown is this former maid's rate sheet. You can bet that she was cheap. And you can bet that people chose her simply because she was cheap. Which, of course, was exactly what she was looking for in the first place.....

A professional housecleaner is a lot different than just being a housecleaner. Think about that the next time you're hiring another individual maid.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hire A Professional Cleaner

You have to know by now that anyone can start a cleaning business. It doesn't take a lot of money. It doesn't take a lot of smarts. And it doesn't even require a lot of work. All you need are some mops and buckets and you're in business.

Even drug pushers know that the easiest way to make yourself look like a professional cleaning company is to buy some mops and buckets....

"Over a seven-month span, an undercover New Hanover County, NC deputy rode in a van filled with vacuum cleaners and mops, posing as a cleaning company and buying drugs from 117 people, according to the sheriff’s office. She bought $5,500 worth of drugs, mainly crack and heroin."

This is your home. The same home that you sleep in every night. The same home that contains tons of your valuable possessions. And the same home that gets treated like a car's gas tank when you decide to hire a housecleaner.

Treat your home with respect. Don't just find the cheapest price. Find a professional.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mud On Face

June 12, 2008 - The guy noticed that his lawn and garden needed some professional help. The lawn needed to be mowed - but more importantly - all the pretty flowers needed to be maintained by someone that knew what they were doing.

June 13, 2008 - The guy visited Craigslist and scanned through a number of lawn care professionals. He called many - but only one called him back.

June 14, 2008 - The guy received an estimate that met his approval. It was cheap. And the lawn care professional assured him that he would be performing all the work. So the guy assumed that quality would be top notch.

July 1, 2008 - The guy had some concerns. The lawn didn't look healthy. The garden needed some work too. So the guy voiced his concerns to the lawn care professional.

August 1, 2008 - The guy was getting worried. The lawn looked worse than ever before. And the garden looked like a bunch of weeds. So the guy made another attempt to remedy the situation. After all, the rates were pretty good. The guy detailed each problem so that both parties could be on the same page.

August 25, 2008 - The guy's lawn looked terrible. It had been infested with insects and his garden needed some serious weed control. So he called the lawn care professional to complain - LOUDLY! The lawn care professional didn't answer so the guy left a voicemail message.

August 26, 2008 - The guy left another message.

August 27, 2008 - Another message.

August 28, 2008 - Still no response. That's when it dawned on the guy that his lawn care professional had quit. Left town. Without any notice. And without any warning.

That guy is me. The same guy who should know better since he owns a similar type company. I'm a hypocrite.

So, I'm left where many of you are left when your maid leaves without warning. I've ditched Craigslist and I've ditched the cheap rates. Rates are important, but the end result is more important. I need a healthy lawn and garden and I'll pay for it now.

But just two months ago, you couldn't tell me these things. You couldn't tell me these things because I didn't understand these things. I thought all lawn care people were the same - especially if the lawn care professional promised to perform all the work by himself. Of course, I was wrong. And now I'm paying for it.

It may not have happened to you yet. But keep hiring fly by the night service companies and it will happen eventually.

The mud has been removed from my face. My lesson is now learned. Has mud been on your face yet?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gearing Up For Gustav

Well, if you live anywhere along the gulf coast then you are probably a little bit nervous right now. Gustav is headed straight for the gulf coast and it is expected to arrive early next week.

Of course, no one knows where landfall will be at this point. So there's really no reason to get too nervous just yet. So relax.

Of course, if the storm does hit our area - we will be ready. Two Maids & A Mop has already been through two major hurricanes and we came away with valuable learning lessons. So don't worry. As long as you want us in your home, we'll be there just as soon as the storm passes....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One-Time Cleaning Packages

The Deep Cleaning Package
Our most thorough, most detailed cleaning package. A top to bottom cleaning that will leave your home looking cleaner than ever before!! Rates are based on an hourly rate and most deep cleanings require anywhere from 4-7 hours for completion. We do not offer a more detailed cleaning package.

The Spic & Span Cleaning Package
Most people that select this cleaning package fall in love with it because you receive so much value. With this package, you will receive a team of two maids for three hours. In some cases, this package can accomplish many of the same things as a deep cleaning - that's why so many people decide to utilize the package. The normal rate for this type of cleaning is $190.

The Clean As A Whistle Cleaning Package
Perfect for a three bedroom/two bath home that just needs a little TLC. With this package, you will receive a team of two maids for 2.5 hours. The normal rate for this cleaning package is $155.

The Tidy Up Cleaning Package
If you are looking for the most bang for your buck, then this cleaning package is made for you. With this package, you'll receive a team of two maids for 2 hours. The normal rate for this type of cleaning package is $125.

The Many Uses Of Vinegar

Are you ready to be astounded by vinegar's power over that grunge in your bathroom or on your hardwood floors? Believe it or not, vinegar is an extraordinary cleaning and deodorizing agent.

Click here for the full article.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Quit hiring cleaning ladies. How many times does it have to happen before you wake up and realize that hiring a housecleaner should be treated in the same manner as hiring any other professional?

SCOTTSDALE, PA -- A cleaning lady faces charges of stealing more than $15,000 in jewelry, coins and cash from two residences where she was hired to clean a house and care for a dog.

Scottdale police charged Patti Banaszak with numerous counts of theft and receiving stolen property in the incidents.

Pamela Soforic told police she hired Banaszak as a cleaning lady in July. Soon after, she began to notice small amounts of money missing from a petty cash box in her home. Soforic said she then discovered two diamond rings missing from her bedroom dresser drawer. Concerned, she searched for other items and found them missing as well.

The inventory included a gold band, a diamond ring, a diamond tennis bracelet, a sterling tennis bracelet, three gold coins, a roll of uncirculated silver dollar coins, $100 in cash and a watch.

After police contacted local jewelry stores, they learned Banaszak had been to a store at least three times and allegedly sold the missing items. Most had been converted by the business for use in making jewelry, police said.

Police said while interviewing Soforic, her neighbor informed them she had given Banaszak a key to her home to take care of her dog while she was out of town the previous weekend. The neighbor checked her valuables and told police she was missing a gold charm bracelet and a diamond/gold bracelet.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Start Hiring Professionals!

More Victims Of Cleaning Thief in Virginia

Presenting the quote that should be at the top of every professional cleaning company's website or brochure..........

"We should have paid more attention when we started to have suspicion that something just wasn't right," said one resident who had employed Martinez for 11 years and developed deep ties with her.

You can't expect to be treated like a customer if you don't treat your service provider like a professional. Start acting like a customer. Start hiring a professional.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Another Cleaning Lady Steals From Her Customers

The choice is yours to make. You can hire a professional cleaning company and know that you are protected against any worst case scenario. Or you could hire a cleaning lady with great rates and cross your fingers.

This example proves all the important points. Check the bolded parts for explanation.

FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA -- A cleaning lady has been accused of stealing jewelry and clothes from her clients.

Martinez cleaned homes under the company name Mirian Cleaning Services in Alexandria. (The first step to gaining your trust is to make yourself look professional by naming yourself a "company".)

Mirian Martinez is accused of stealing from at least four of her long-time clients, and police said there may be more victims. (The next step is to gain their trust by providing a decent service for a certain timeframe - then steal as soon they let their guard down.)

Fairfax County police said Martinez stole jewelry from a woman, and some of the stolen jewelry was sold at a pawn shop. Police said they are still looking for a diamond ring worth $42,000.

Two more of Martinez's clients also reported missing jewelry and clothing worth more than $62,000.

Martinez has been charged with grand larceny and selling stolen property. More charges are pending, police said.

Martinez was also charged in connection with jewelry thefts from another home in a neighboring county. (And the final step is to steal fast and steal often. You gotta get while the going is good.)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Taking Customer Service Just A Little Too Far

JACKSONVILLE, FL - Police say a man needs to learn that 911 is not the appropriate place to complain that Subway left the sauce off a spicy Italian sandwich.

Police said the man dialed 911 twice last week so he could have his sub made correctly. The second call was to complain that officers weren't arriving fast enough.

Subway workers told police that the man became belligerent and yelled when they were fixing his order. They locked him out of the store after he left to call police.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Cleaning For A Reason

“I feel very blessed that a friend told me about Cleaning for a Reason. Having my house cleaned is a huge responsibility lifted off my shoulders. It has allowed my family to sustain the same cleanliness it’s used to, giving us a sense of normalcy in a year where life is far from normal.”

A powerful statement. It can be you too. We currently have two openings in Fort Walton Beach.

Another great story about Cleaning For A Reason.

Friday, August 01, 2008

How To Make The Big Move Easier

From packing to keeping track of pets, kids, and valuable items, moving day can be an absolute nightmare from start to finish. However, tt doesn´t have to be! Use these eleven practical tips to take the stress out of your next move, and start enjoying your new home sooner.

Eleven Tips To Make Moving Easier

And here's some information on our Move In/Out Cleaning Package

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Complaining About Your Maid

Isn't it funny? You'll complain about a botched order from a fast food restaurant. You'll complain if the wait is too long at your local convenience store. And you have no problem complaining if you're cable TV goes out.

But when it comes to housecleaning, you're scared to death to complain. Why is that?

The reason is pretty simply to understand. When you're ordering food at that fast food joint, you're a customer. When you're standing in line at that store, you're a customer. And when your cable goes out during your favorite TV show, you're definitely a customer.

But when your maid makes the same mistake three weeks in a row and you stay silent, you're far from a customer. All you are is someone's side money. Someone's extra cash until something better comes along.

You didn't hire a business. You just hired someone without a job.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How Do You Know If Your Maid Is Bonded And Insured?

One of the most common questions that we get asked is, "Are you bonded and insured"? It's a funny question because almost everyone that asks it doesn't have a clue as to why they are asking the question.

First off, why would you tell a prospective customer that you are not bonded or insured? Especially if that prospect will be fine if you just say that you are bonded and insured. So the first thing a prospective customer needs to do is not only ask the question - but they also need to demand that the answer be backed up with proof.

A bond and a general liability insurance policy are both represented as easy-to-read documents. Of the thousand or more calls, we may have had two people actually demand to see our bond or insurance policy. And you can bet that if we know that no one asks to see these documents - everyone else knows that too. So, make your cleaning lady prove it to you.

Secondly, you can determine the maximum payout limits of each policy by simply reviewing the documents. It won't matter if your cleaning lady is insured if her insurance only covers a few hundred bucks. A normal surety bond covers theft up to at least $10,000 and a normal general liability insurance policy covers damages up to at least $300,000.

And finally, don't forget the cleaning industry's best kept secret.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Housecleaning Is Easy Money

LAKELAND, FL - Two granddaughters of a housekeeper were arrested and accused of stealing jewelry valued at $17,000 from a client's home.

According to a Sheriff's Office report, the clients noticed that jewelry had started to disappear from the house whenever their housekeeper brought her granddaughter with her to clean. The jewelry included several diamond rings, a diamond bracelet, gold rings and a gold pendant.

The stories keep happening over and over again all over this country. Yet, we keep hearing this same tired phrase, "You're rates are just too much."

It always amazes me that someone will pay a professional accountant a small fortune to report their finances, but that same person will not even think about paying more than a few bucks to protect those same finances.

You already know this, but it bears repeating...

Hiring a housecleaner has very little to do with housecleaning.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Not To Beat A Dead Horse....

....but hiring a housecleaner has very little to do with housecleaning. The quicker you realize that - the easier it will be for you to understand that a professional cleaning company is far different than a cleaning lady.

SEBRING, FL - A woman who sheriff's investigators say worked as a cleaning lady remained in jail in lieu of $22,500 bond after a 71-year-old client reported someone took his cash, a watch and racked up charges on a stolen credit card.

Felicia Renee Carney, 38, also known as Felicia Silver, was booked on charges of burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, petty theft second offense, grand theft $300 or more but less than $10,000 while victim was 65 years of age or older, fraud - illegal use of credit cards to obtain goods or money $100 or more, and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

The total value of the grand theft was $1,949, the report stated, and petty theft amounts on the unauthorized credit card use added up to $720. Carney has a history of arrests.

The charges dating back to July 2004 include domestic violence battery, violation of probation for domestic violence battery, obtaining property by worthless check, giving a false name to a law enforcement officer, fraudulent use of a credit card and failure to appear, violation of probation for fraudulent use of a credit card, cocaine possession, along with several warrant arrests and driving with no driver's license or vehicle registration.

Sheriff's Capt. Randy LaBelle has some advice for anyone wanting to hire domestic help.

"Request references, and check them," he said. "If they don't give you any, then I'd be leery of them. Do a background check at the sheriff's office. Go online to the clerk of courts Web site and see if they've participated in any litigation. Contact your chamber of commerce and the Better Business Bureau."

Thursday, July 24, 2008

You're Looking For The Wrong Kind Of Maid.....

...if you think that professional means perfection. As definite as death and taxes, you can bet that we will make mistakes. Every day and at every customer's home. All it takes is a little digging to find something.

This is one of the biggest hurdles that we cross with new customers. New customers know that their last maid was late all the time. New customers know that their last maid decided to cancel at the last minute one too many times. Most importantly, new customers know that their last maid rarely treated them like a customer.

That's why new customers decide to call us in the first place. But new customers also realize that our rates are higher than their last maid. Yes, we show up on time every time. Yes, we never cancel your appointment. And yes, you certainly get treated like a customer now.

But with such high rates, shouldn't the quality of our cleanings be exceptional? Some would answer yes. But the reality is that our cleaners are not computers or robots. In other words, they make mistakes - no matter how hard they work or how well they are trained.

The quality of our cleanings is good. So good that we've received countless numbers of customer testimonials proving that our work is pretty good. But our work isn't always great.

So what makes us great? And more importantly, what makes our rates worthwhile?

We're great because we guarantee our arrivals. We're great because we show up on-time every time. We're great because our employees go through an extensive nationwide criminal background search. We're great because we've got you protected against any worst case scenario. And we're great because we let your feedback determine our employees' paychecks.

But the real reason that we're great is much bigger than how we dust your nightstand. It's bigger, but very simple.

We listen. We listen to you more than any other cleaning service in your area. We encourage you to talk to us. We beg you to talk to us. And in some cases, we demand that you talk to us. And we listen for one reason. Because the more we listen to you, the happier we make you. It's been proven time after time.

No, you haven't found the world's greatest housecleaner. But yes, you have found the world's greatest housecleaning company!