Monday, January 14, 2008

The Cleaning Service Debate

The presidential race is in high gear right now. It seems as if there is at least one debate per week. A debate is a powerful tool. It gives you insight on how a person will react under pressure. And of course, the answers from the debate help you determine which candidate supports your most important issues. A debate is truly democratic. You get to listen and make decisions on your personal beliefs.

So that leads me to a proposition.....

What if the cleaning industry had a debate? What if all competitors in our field stood up and fielded questions from potential customers? How amazing would that be? And how easy would it be for Two Maids & A Mop to win!!

It would be a slam dunk. Nobody would be able to compete against us. Nobody could compete us because all we would have to do is explain our pay for performance plan. After each question, we would end our argument like this....

"We pay our employees based on our customer's overall satisfaction level. We do this by letting our customers rate each housecleaning on a scale from 1-10. The rating provided by the customer is the only tool used when determining the pay rate for our employees. The happier our customers are; the more our employees are able to earn with our company."

And the debate would be over. Just like that. Because nobody we compete against can even get close to matching our commitment to customer service.

Of course, there won't ever be a cleaning service debate. It may be that no one would even care enough to watch the debate. But it's more probable that none of our competition would want to show up. They'd have no chance.

Which leads me to my final thought....

If it's so obvious that we would win a cleaning service debate, why don't we win every customer battle? The reason is simple. Because most people don't understand that hiring a cleaning service has nothing to with cleaning. And there's no way to figure this out until you've hired the wrong cleaning service. Cheap sells. And it will continue to sell. But cheap only lasts for a little while. At some point, you want quality. Because cheap still means that you're using your hard earned money. And if you're going to use your money, you might as well use a little more of it in order to receive higher quality.

The cycle always repeats itself. You hire the cheap cleaner-then you call us because you're not satisfied. We can't change the cycle. It's all part of the education.


  1. OK Ron, I believeeeee...

    Are you willing to share the specific details on your plan? What rates can your employees earn? I currently pay my employees anywhere from $9 to $10.50, mostly depending on time with the company and role (Leader get more).

  2. If I told you, then I'd have to kill you!!

    Seriously, we can't divulge too much information because we are in the process of selling our ideas to other potential cleaning servic eowners. Of course, we'd be glad to talk to you if you wanted to partner with our company.

    Long story short, make sure that your pay for performance plan actually pays for performance. And when your employees meet your customers expectations, reward them with a bigger slice of the pie than any one else in your area can.