Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Housecleaning - The Hamburger Of The Service Industry

You know how to cook a hamburger. You know that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make it taste like every other hamburger. And you know that if you don't want to cook one, then you can just take a short trip to your nearest restaurant or fast food chain.

And most importantly, you know that one of the biggest allures of the hamburger is that it's cheap. Of course, it better be cheap.

It better be cheap because you know that you can just as easily cook one at your house. It better be cheap because almost all hamburgers taste the same. And if it's not cheap, then well, you'll probably pass on the burger, or just stay at home and cook one for yourself.

Yes, that's the residential cleaning world in a nutshell.

You know how to clean your home. You've been doing it for a long time now. You know that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to scrub a toilet or mop a floor. And you know that you can hire a cleaning company for next to nothing.

Of course, this is all true. It's true that you shouldn't have to pay too much if all you're looking for is a cleaning company. But if you've already hired a cleaning company, then you already know that you aren't just hiring a cleaning company.

You're hiring someone to show up on-time every time (because most cleaning companies are notorious for being late). You're hiring someone that you can trust (because you need to know that the stranger in your home didn't rob their last customer). You're hiring someone to provide you with real customer service (because mistakes are bound to happen - and when they happen you need to know that someone is listening).

And after we show up on time. And after we prove to you that our employees are bonded, licensed and insured. And after we explain how our pay for performance plan benefits both our customers and employees.

After we do all that.....

The we'll start cleaning. And after our job is done, maybe you can sit back and enjoy a hamburger!

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