Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Reality Of Perception

We often talk about how important it is to understand that you get what you pay for. In our industry, the cost of starting a cleaning business is close to zero. And since the investment is minimal, the investment in the quality of the service is minimal as well.

But a recent research study at the California Institute of Technology suggests that high prices sometimes lead to false perceptions.

The study asked 20 people to sample wine while undergoing functional MRIs of their brain activity. The subjects were told they were tasting five different Cabernet Sauvignons sold at different prices. However, there were actually only three wines sampled, two being offered twice, marked with different prices. A $90 wine was provided marked with its real price and again marked $10, while another was presented at its real price of $5 and also marked $45. The testers' brains showed more pleasure at the higher price than the lower one, even for the same wine!

Click here to find out more about the study.

One of our housecleaning packages includes a two hour cleaning for $125. You get two maids, along with all necessary cleaning supplies and equipment. Nobody in our area charges anywhere close to this for just two hours of work. In fact, many of our competitors charge as little as $10 per hour (one person).

One might think that our $125 cleaning is way better than the $10 per hour cleaning. In some cases, that's very true. In other cases, our $125 cleaning isn't that much better than the $10 per hour cleaning. The reason is simple:

You're not paying us to be the best housecleaner in the world. You're paying us to be the most professional cleaning company in the world. That means that we'll show up on time every time. That means that we'll utilize the most effective cleaning products and supplies available. That means that we'll provide you with the safest and most secure employees in the area. And that means that you'll receive better customer service from us than anyone else in the area. Our service doesn't start when we walk in your home and it doesn't stop when we walk out of your home.

That's what you're paying for. And yes, the statement still rings true.....

You get what you pay for!

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