Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Don't Feel Guilty

It all started so innocently. All I needed was a little tidying up. With my schedule, I just didn't have the time to clean my house. So I hired a maid. And boy have things spiraled out of control since that fateful first housecleaning.

My name is Ron, and I am a maidaholic.

Of course, this is fiction. But the reality is that many people find themselves feeling guilty after hiring a maid service. Take at look at some of these comments found on the web....

Guilty Pleasure #1

Guilty Pleasure #2

One of the best quotes from these stories is this quote....

"What a waste of money!" My mother-in-law had just discovered my guilty pleasure. "Can't you figure out how to clean your house on your own? Are you that lazy?"

And that's it in a nutshell. You don't want people to think that you're lazy. What you really want is for people to think that you scrubbed your own toilets. And you want them to walk out of your home impressed. Impressed that your floor is clean. Impressed that your kitchen is spotless. And most importantly, impressed that you live so clean!

Your grandmother never hired a maid to clean her house. And your mother-in-law might call you lazy if she finds out you've hired a maid. But it all boils down to one question. And your answer to this question should determine if you're ready to hire a maid. The question.....

Which of these two things is most important?

1. Your personal time and freedom
2. Your neighbor's approval

And if you picked number two, you might want to take a peek inside your neighbor's window. Because a 1999 study from Medimark Research estimates that 27% of all households have hired a professional to clean their home. So if you live near four homes, chances are that at least one of those homes was cleaned by someone that doesn't live there.

Don't feel guilty. We're all doing it!

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