Friday, February 08, 2008

Meet Panama City's First Cleaning For A Reason Patient

The following letter was sent to the editor of the local newspaper in Panama City by our first Cleaning For A Reason patient.

Dear News Herald,

My family and I would like to thank you for running the article that informed your readers concerning the organization, “Cleaning for a Reason.” Our mother has been fighting cancer for over two years and has had a very hard time with the numerous treatments. I thought it would be a welcomed gesture to contact their organization and surprise my Mom with this pleasant idea.

Cleaning for a Reason spared no time in contacting a local company, Two Maids and a Mop. An appointment was made and their company did an outstanding job. Our Mom was thrilled that she could just take it easy and not have to worry about the small stuff.

We would like to thank, Two Maids and a Mop and the organization, Cleaning For A Reason for aiding our mother during this trying and difficult time.

It is a great sensation when the public is informed about organizations that are available for individuals going through cancer or other hardships.

Again, thank you for letting us know about this wonderful resource.

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