Friday, February 29, 2008

Money Talks

It turns out that some elementary school students are motivated by the same thing that motivates a lot of adults: cash.

A pay for performance experiment that began in 2006 promised up to $100 each to third through sixth graders if they passed state standardized tests. The students significantly boosted their math scores and slightly improved in science and social studies.

Rewarding students gives them something to strive for, whether it be a skateboard, a video game or new sneakers, said Francie Berg, principal of two local elementary schools.

Pay for performance works. But it only works when the reward is worthy. And in this case, $100 is like a million dollars to a sixth grader. So they create goals. And they meet them because they care.

The TwoMaids Pay For Performance Plan works the same way. Your satisfaction level is our only measuring stick. Your opinion is the only factor used in determining our employees' paycheck. And when our employees meet your expectations, we make sure that their reward is worthy.

The fact is that we pay our employees more than any other cleaning service in our area. But the fact still remains that our employees must earn every single dollar. Because our employees know that their only job is to make you happy. And if they don't, their pay stinks. But if they do, their pay rocks!


  1. I had my house cleaned yesterday November 25th and was told that having my house cleaned would be "3-5" hours. I was not happy when my house was only half done and the things I wanted MOST done (after telling the manager at the Pensacola office what I needed done) was NOT done. I also went through with the girls what I needed done at the start. WINDOWS and Bathrooms. At the end of seven hours they had almost half of the house finished (I have just 2100 square feet of a house 4 bedrooms and 3 bath). My house was dusty and need a good clean but now over done. I can NOT understand why it took so long. I do NOT understand why my house was half finished NOR why they did not do but half my windows and in fact they were not even going to do them but at 4:15 was told that they were not going to finish and I said BUT I NEED MY WINDOWS DONE! I am really upset that I feel like I got a superficial cleaning rather a deep cleaning and after talking to the manager feel like over $500 for this type of half a house cleaning is NOT acceptable. I will NOT be telling people about your services. In fact I will make sure that the OWC (Officer Wife Club) knows about how I felt taken by these girls and that they KNEW that they would be staying for seven hours and took their time (they were sweet but not encouraged to work fast). I will make a point to blog on the OWC's site that you guys are more about the Dollar sign and not about the quality. You say this ALL OVER your blogs about QUALITY and customer satisfaction yet I spent hours today fixing up things in my house today that were missed (like wiping down my oven where they didn't do it after spraying it). My realator was floored that they didn't do certain things like cleaning the light fixtures in the bathroom. I don't know HOW to get in touch with YOU. You are the owner. I don't mind paying HALF this bill. I charged this on my credit card and actually changed my card number because it is a bank credit card (I do not use credit cards).

    I also have a dink on my one dresser where apparently something fell (a statue). My husband wasn't happy.

    How do I resolve all of this?


    They were slow, knew that taking more time meant more money for them. I had no clue they would NOT get my whole house done. Paying for this whole thing HAD they got my whole house done and it was spotless would have made me happy. Otherwise I felt I got my house dusted and swept and some bathrooms (ok TWO and only TWO) done and my kitchen quickly wet mopped (last thing they did at five till five and not even REALLY CLEANED. Very SAD ~ micki ferguson

    copy sent to e-mail at Pensacola and if not resolved sent to BBB

    I really want this resolved.

    The more I think about this the more I really feel like I was not prepared for superficial cleaning with a HIGH PRICE. I can give you my phone number from this e-mail or

  2. Please see the pictures of WHERE they did not clean in a place I thought she had cleaned. (I am the same person as who made the comment before Micki Ferguson). This is my PERSONAL BLOG.