Monday, February 11, 2008

She Was As Sweet As Pie

“She was as sweet as pie,” DeChellis said of her cleaning lady, adding that she never suspected her of doing anything improper — even after the restaurant she owns with her husband, Lou, was broken into sometime around New Year’s Eve.

And so another one bites the dust.

If you hire an individual housecleaner, you have to assume a large amount of risk. Sometimes that risk results in just poor work ethic. But sometimes that risk results in theft. And there's nothing you can do about it. Your money is gone. Lost. Unrecoverable.

Of course, this victim will need to hire someone to clean for her again in the future. She's learned her lesson. And she's learned it the hard way. You can bet that her next housecleaner will be bonded. She'll be insured. And she'll come with a criminal background check.

Most importantly, she'll come from a professional cleaning company. Because a professional cleaning company screens its employees. A professional cleaning company bonds its employees. And a professional cleaning company insures its customers.

Of course, none of that means that a professional cleaning won't steal from you. It's happened before. But what it does mean is that a professional cleaning company will protect you.

Your money is not gone. It is not lost. And it is able to be recovered.

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