Monday, February 04, 2008

The Three Levels Of Customer Service

Glenn Ross recently published an article that described the three levels of customer service.

Three Levels Of Customer Service
Failure to Meet The Customer’s Needs—This usually results in loss of the customer and the revenue he or she generates for you. It frequently leads to negative word-of-mouth advertising.

Meet The Customer’s Needs—The customer has a need and you meet it. The customer is satisfied and may return to you time and time again. However, a competitor can steal the customer away from you.

Exceeds The Customer’s Needs—This is when the customer goes “Wow!” This not only increases the customer’s loyalty to you, it usually generates positive word-of-mouth advertising and turns the customer into an evangelist for you.

So how do we exceed your expectations?

We exceed your expectations by doing right what everyone else in our industry does wrong. We show up on time - every time. We'll never just quit and leave you stranded. And most importantly, we listen to you - and we prove it by letting your feedback determine our employees' paycheck. Basically, we're the opposite of almost everyone else you have ever hired before.

We're the anti-cleaning company. Not because we are against cleaning. But because we are against the cleaning industry.

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