Thursday, March 20, 2008

Customer Service From A Service Company Usually Stinks

Isn't it ironic that most service companies provide the worst service?

Take a look at the top 10 worst customer service companies from last year. Nine of the top ten companies provide services!

When you hire a service company, you expect service. And when you don't receive service, then you're not happy. That's how you think.

However, a bank thinks that it's job is to just hold your money. A cable company thinks that it's job is to just provide you with television programming. And a cell phone company thinks that it's job is to just provide you with phone service.

But that's not what you think. You already know that your bank is holding your money. All banks do that. What you really want from your bank is service. Anything less isn't acceptable.

We're paid to clean your house. And that's what will happen when you hire us. But anyone can clean your house. Our job is to make you happy. What makes you happy may not make your neighbor happy. But that's our job - to figure out what makes both you and your neighbor happy!

Of course, some service companies get it. Take a look at this story for proof.....

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