Friday, March 28, 2008

Liar Liar - Pants On Fire!

Chris Hackett, a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, recently fired his maid because she informed his wife that she is an illegal immigrant. Hackett’s family hired her two years ago to clean his house about twice a month and paid her by check. The woman’s wage wasn’t reported to the Internal Revenue Service because it was a small enough that he didn’t have to, Hackett said. The woman was hired independently by the Hackett family.

Now get this - Hackett is the owner of a professional staffing agency. Which means that he knows the importance of background checks. And which also means that he knows the importance of payroll taxes.

He didn't perform either function. Because a simple background check would have identified her as an illegal immigrant. And if he would have paid payroll taxes, then she would have had to supply her social security card.

You know why he hired her. So does everyone else. She was cheap.

And she was cheap because she had no overhead. She didn't have to pay taxes of any kind - payroll, state or federal. And more than likely, she wasn't bonded or licensed either.

Cheap sells. Even when it's illegal. But sometimes cheap bites you on the butt.

Sorry Mr. Hackett- You Got Bit On The Butt!!

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