Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Happens When You Hire A Cleaning Lady

Before you do anything else - read this article.

Obviously, this lady is frustrated. She's frustrated because she keeps hiring the wrong kind of maid. Her maids keep showing up late. Her maids keep getting worse and worse. And her maids consistently clean a lot worse than she's ever cleaned her home.

So what's the solution?

The first step in this customers battle should be to hire a business. A business has one goal - to maximize profits. And in order to maximize profits, a business must accomplish two things.

1. A business must make its employees happy.
2. A business must make its customers happy.

If either of these goals is not met, then a business will not survive. Not over the long haul. So it's in the best interest of every business to ensure that these two goals are met on a consistent basis.

But this lady has yet to hire a business. What she's hired is a cleaning lady. Of course, cleaning ladies want to maximize profits too. But a cleaning lady's path to profits are much different.

A cleaning lady doesn't have to make you happy. A cleaning lady only has to answer to one person - herself. And the reality is that her rates are so good that almost anyone will hire her. Of course, her rates are so good because she steals from our government. But so do you when you hire her. So your feedback is meaningless. Your complaints are unheard.

That's why she's late all the time. That's why she never improves her quality. And that's also why you keep saying these types of things......

I'll go a couple more rounds. I can always clean up after she's been here. But really, where are the hungry college students?

Start hiring a business. Not just some hungry college student.

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