Friday, March 07, 2008

You Can't Be Good At Anything If You Provide Everything

Seth Godin reminds us that you can't be good at anything if you provide everything. The cleaning industry is no different. The story begins a little something like this.

You start a cleaning service. Then one of your customers asks if you know anyone that does a little painting. And then one of your customers asks if you know of a reliable carpet cleaning company. And with each question - the answer is yes.

The answer is yes because you decide to perform the work. And all of a sudden, you've become the universal cleaning company.

How silly would it be if your accountant doubled as a painter? Silly enough that you probably wouldn't hire him for either service. But it happens everyday in the cleaning industry.

The reason is simple - literally. It's simple to start a cleaning service. It's simple to start a carpet cleaning company. It's simple to start a painting business. And in many cases, it's simple to earn your business.

The best seafood restaurant in town doesn't serve hamburgers. Neither does the best cleaning service.

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