Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Bird? A Plane? Nope, It's A Window Cleaner

A five-star hotel in China dressed its window cleaners as Spiderman in an effort to avoid disturbing guests.

The Shanghai Sheraton Hotel said they wanted to minimize the affect of the week long cleaning. "Nobody wants to see a person suddenly appear outside their window, so we thought of dressing them as movie characters, which should be fun and harmless," said a hotel spokesman.

The hotel says they were not expecting the Spiderman cleaners to attract so much attention.

Maybe we should dress our staff in Mary Poppins uniforms??? Would that create a stir??

Monday, April 28, 2008

How To Never Raise Your Rates

Gas prices are jeopardizing jobs for some local people who fill up to run their business. Marcus Council racks up 100 miles a day darting around to clean carpets. His trips to the gas station are not only getting more expensive, it's starting to cost him customers too.

After 16 years cleaning carpets, Council says he's counting on his customers to keep him in business. "If my customers tell me no, then I don't know how much longer it'll go on.... If they start saying look I can't afford to pay your new rate because of the gas prices, then who knows what may happen," says Council.

Or, you could just let your customers tell you what they think your work is worth. What a novel idea!

Welcome to the world of no price tags. Welcome to The Pay For Satisfaction Plan.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Missing Price Tag

It always amazes me when I hear this response - "Your rates are too high!"

It amazes me because we don't even have rates. Our customers pick the price - everytime!

Let's think about this for a minute.........

What if I told you that there was a cleaning company that allowed its customers to determine the cleaning company's employee wages? And what if I told you that there was a cleaning company that allowed its customers to pick the price of each and every cleaning? Wouldn't you say that's one heck of a customer service philosophy?

Of course, that cleaning company is Two Maids & A Mop. But we keep hearing the same stuff over and over again. You're rates are too high. I can't afford that every two weeks. You're too expensive.

How can something be too expensive when that something doesn't even have a price tag? You pick the prices - everytime.

Most of you appreciate the fact that we're putting ourselves on the line everyday. For those of you that don't get it - just keep hiring the same old, tired cleaning lady.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Happens After You Get A Killer Deal

We've been using the same service for years now. The original owner was a lovely woman who always made sure her staff came on time and did a nice job. A little over a year ago she decided to become a Realtor in Texas leaving her son in charge of the cleaning service. Let's just say the experience hasn't exactly been the same since he took over.

We've gotten more and more annoyed at them as the quality of their work dropped and they became less and less responsive. But we're lazy people, and it was just easier to let them keep coming rather than deal with firing them and finding someone new.
Plus we were pretty sure that we were getting a killer deal and that any other service would be way more expensive. OK, fine, we're lazy and cheap.

Click here for the full article.

At least this customer understands that you get what you pay for. You can't have your cake and eat it too. At some point, you've got to be willing to pay a little extra if you expect a little extra.

And by a little extra, I mean the basics. Like showing up on time. Like not making the same mistakes over and over again. And like having a real person answer the telephone at all times....

I called a friend to find out who cleaned her house and made the call, then I procrastinated on the other call, the unpleasant one, until yesterday when backed up traffic put me in the right mood to fire someone. But when I called I found that the number had been disconnected. Thinking that it was a mistake I called again, but it was no mistake. Just as I was finally ready to kick them to the curb it seems that our cleaning service had done a runner.

Unfortunately, getting a killer deal means sacrificing a few of the basics when it comes to hiring a maid service.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Free E-Book "The Dirty Truth About Your Cleaning Lady"


The Dirty Truth About Your Cleaning Lady

Maid Service Testimonial From Destin

My maids were awesome. Give them a 10. We have company coming from Europe. When I walked in to set up the guest bath room I gasped with astonishment. My maids had opened the closet, pulled out matching towels, folded them beautifully and had everything ready for the guests to arrive. Very cool.

Dorothy From Destin

Friday, April 18, 2008

Doing Whatever It Takes To Get Income

A distraught Hispanic female told officers that she had been sexually assaulted by a Hispanic male. The victim stated that the suspect had contacted her under the pretense of hiring her to work for his home-cleaning business.

“There are a lot of things people can do to protect themselves, but won’t because they think it is going too far,” Officer David Tilley said. “Always check on who you are going to work for." Tilley said with everyone hit hard by the economy, some people jump at the opportunity for work without fully researching the business.

This falls especially true for people working as contract labor. “People are just trying to find work, and are doing whatever it takes to get income,” he said. “It is unfortunate that there are people out there that will take advantage of people in these difficult times.”

Make sure that you read the previous paragraph one more time. Yes, the officer is referring to a situation where someone posed as an employer. But the premise is that this individual picked the cleaning industry. He picked our industry because anyone can start a housecleaning business. And time after time, just about anyone does start a housecleaning business.

In desperate times, a person will do whatever it takes to make a living. And if the legal route doesn't work, then the illegal route is the only other option.

The least important criteria to selecting your next housecleaner should be housecleaning.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

5 Ways To Help A Friend With Cancer

If you've got a friend battling cancer, make sure that you read this article.

And of course, make sure that you also remind them that free cleaning services are available through Cleaning For A Reason.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Customer Satisfaction At The Car Wash

Wonder what this customer would pay if the car wash used our Pay For Satisfaction Plan?

A 76-year-old man, dissatisfied with the job a car wash did on his ride, allegedly rammed the wash's manager with the vehicle and backed into another car in an attempt to re-enter the tunnel for a more thorough cleaning. The manager stated that the customer was upset because his $14 car wash didn't remove scuff marks from his white-wall tires. The $14 service included a tire cleaning service and the marks appeared to be permanent, the manager said.

The manager also stated that there were cars in line to enter both in front of and behind the disgruntled customer. The manager stood in front of the customer's car and began waving other drivers in. The angry customer, who would not move away from the tunnel's entrance, then accelerated onto a piece of car wash equipment before backing into the car behind him-- twice -- leaving a scratch on that vehicle's front bumper.

In an attempt to get back into the tunnel, the customer began ramming the manager with his front bumper. "He rammed me in the knees with his car three or four times," the manager said.

The disgruntled customer said he should be given an "increased courtesy" because of his age. No charges were filed; however, a no trespassing notice has been filed by the car wash.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

26,000 Reasons To Never Hire An Individual Maid

The year was 1988. A young man named R.F. DuBois desperately needed to hire a housecleaner for his home. Enter Gloria Landry.

The hire appeared to be a very wise decision. For 17 years, Gloria worked for DuBois and provided consistent, dependable service.

But it all ended on June 8, 2005. Gloria had just finished another perfect housecleaning and she was headed to her car. That's when she tripped over a crack in the driveway. And that's also when Gloria hired an attorney.

For the last two years, Gloria has been in a legal battle with her former happy client. And just a few days ago, her fellow peers agreed that she deserved $12,383.35 in past medical expenses, $9,620 in past physical pain and mental anguish and $4,810 in lost wages.

"Landry was an employee of DuBois," the suit said. "DuBois controlled the days she worked, her duties, and supplied the tools she used. Landry was injured in the course and scope of her employment with DuBois. DuBois does not carry workers compensation insurance coverage."

Are you listening yet? It happens everyday. And it can happen to you at anytime. You're not a business. You don't have workers' compensation insurance. You don't have general liability insurance. You don't pay payroll taxes. You're just a regular person - a homeowner.

Leave the business stuff to businesses.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Funny Comments From The Front Line

Some of the funnier comments about our new Pay For Satisfaction Plan.........

1. This plan is too complicated. Can't you just tell me a price to pay?

2. How do I fit this plan into my budget?

3. Your rates are too expensive.

4. Why can't you just be like everybody else and quote me a price?

And the best comment so far.......

5. This plan isn't very customer friendly!

It's obvious that we're not for everybody. And that's good news because we don't want to serve just anybody.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

You're Next

Of course you're not a celebrity. You're probably not a multi-millionaire either. But that doesn't really matter. Because you can just be a regular person.

Cheap keeps on selling.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Today Is National No-Housework Day

National No-Housework Day

If you normally do the housework around the house, cease and desist for this day. Instead, kick back and enjoy the day. Relax and do anything except housework.

Now go get in that hammock!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Cheap Keeps On Selling

Cheap keeps on selling. And all those cheap maids keep proving that you're hiring much more than just a housecleaner.

CITY OF NEWBURGH — City officers arrested a woman driving a stolen rental car three days after she swiped the keys from a home she was supposed to clean.

An officer spotted a car that matched the description earlier in the morning. When officers pulled it over, they found the cleaning lady, 45-year-old Terri Englehardt, behind the wheel and a passenger, 26-year-old Antonio L. Damon. Officers said they also found crack cocaine in Englehardt’s pocket.

Police took the two of them to police headquarters, where they asked Damon to empty his pockets. Damon, who lives in the Economy Inn on Route 9W, pulled out a plastic bag and quickly swallowed it, police said.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hiring An Individual Cleaner Cost This Guy $250,000!!!

Jerry Azumah, a retired Chicago Bears player, is out more than $250,000 because he hired an unlicensed, individual housecleaner.

Click here for the full article.

But wait - there is a silver lining. According to this article, there is a chance that he'll be able to recover some of his money!

You don't think it can ever happen to you. Neither did Jerry Azumah.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

How To Run A Cleaning Business And Not Pay Any Taxes - Ever!

A cleaning company in Minnesota faces 22 federal charges of tax evasion. The owner of the cleaning company faces a battery of charges that includes not paying sales taxes, failing to pay wage and withholding taxes, making sales after the Department of Revenue revoked his sales tax permit and failing to file or pay his personal income taxes over a ten year period.

It never hurts to say this more than once.

Starting a cleaning business is easy. Anyone can do it. And we're reminded everyday that just about anyone does do it. If you need more proof, here's one of this company's online advertisements.....

"Need a House Cleaning? My Maid is experienced and have good references serving Siant Paul area. My Maid do Dusting, vacuuming, Clean Showers, and everything in the house. Also if you need other types of cleaning be sure to call My Maid."

Of course, the ad is awful. It wreaks of an amateur. Misspelled words and terrible grammar may not mean much to you. All you need is a housecleaner after all.

But you should know that you're not just hiring a housecleaner. Because if you think all you're doing is hiring a housecleaner, then you've got a lot to learn.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pay For Satisfaction Update

If tipping is down, then one would assume that our satisfaction ratings are also down (since your ratings determine your cost). But that's the exact opposite.

Since the inception of our Pay For Satisfaction Plan, two BIG things have happened.

1. You're talking to us more than you've ever talked to us. Of course, you're talking to us more because there's something in it for you now. Your opinion now determines the cost of your cleaning.

2. You're more satisfied than ever with our service. We've had two complaints over the past six weeks. If you're not in the cleaning business, this number probably means nothing to you. But trust me, it means a lot! We clean more than 225 homes per week. Which means that our customer satisfaction level is currently near 100%!!

Everyone keeps talking about a recession. We talked about it last year. This year is much different. And why is it different?

Three words: Pay For Satisfaction