Thursday, April 10, 2008

26,000 Reasons To Never Hire An Individual Maid

The year was 1988. A young man named R.F. DuBois desperately needed to hire a housecleaner for his home. Enter Gloria Landry.

The hire appeared to be a very wise decision. For 17 years, Gloria worked for DuBois and provided consistent, dependable service.

But it all ended on June 8, 2005. Gloria had just finished another perfect housecleaning and she was headed to her car. That's when she tripped over a crack in the driveway. And that's also when Gloria hired an attorney.

For the last two years, Gloria has been in a legal battle with her former happy client. And just a few days ago, her fellow peers agreed that she deserved $12,383.35 in past medical expenses, $9,620 in past physical pain and mental anguish and $4,810 in lost wages.

"Landry was an employee of DuBois," the suit said. "DuBois controlled the days she worked, her duties, and supplied the tools she used. Landry was injured in the course and scope of her employment with DuBois. DuBois does not carry workers compensation insurance coverage."

Are you listening yet? It happens everyday. And it can happen to you at anytime. You're not a business. You don't have workers' compensation insurance. You don't have general liability insurance. You don't pay payroll taxes. You're just a regular person - a homeowner.

Leave the business stuff to businesses.

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