Friday, April 04, 2008

Cheap Keeps On Selling

Cheap keeps on selling. And all those cheap maids keep proving that you're hiring much more than just a housecleaner.

CITY OF NEWBURGH — City officers arrested a woman driving a stolen rental car three days after she swiped the keys from a home she was supposed to clean.

An officer spotted a car that matched the description earlier in the morning. When officers pulled it over, they found the cleaning lady, 45-year-old Terri Englehardt, behind the wheel and a passenger, 26-year-old Antonio L. Damon. Officers said they also found crack cocaine in Englehardt’s pocket.

Police took the two of them to police headquarters, where they asked Damon to empty his pockets. Damon, who lives in the Economy Inn on Route 9W, pulled out a plastic bag and quickly swallowed it, police said.

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