Wednesday, April 02, 2008

How To Run A Cleaning Business And Not Pay Any Taxes - Ever!

A cleaning company in Minnesota faces 22 federal charges of tax evasion. The owner of the cleaning company faces a battery of charges that includes not paying sales taxes, failing to pay wage and withholding taxes, making sales after the Department of Revenue revoked his sales tax permit and failing to file or pay his personal income taxes over a ten year period.

It never hurts to say this more than once.

Starting a cleaning business is easy. Anyone can do it. And we're reminded everyday that just about anyone does do it. If you need more proof, here's one of this company's online advertisements.....

"Need a House Cleaning? My Maid is experienced and have good references serving Siant Paul area. My Maid do Dusting, vacuuming, Clean Showers, and everything in the house. Also if you need other types of cleaning be sure to call My Maid."

Of course, the ad is awful. It wreaks of an amateur. Misspelled words and terrible grammar may not mean much to you. All you need is a housecleaner after all.

But you should know that you're not just hiring a housecleaner. Because if you think all you're doing is hiring a housecleaner, then you've got a lot to learn.

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