Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pay For Satisfaction Update

If tipping is down, then one would assume that our satisfaction ratings are also down (since your ratings determine your cost). But that's the exact opposite.

Since the inception of our Pay For Satisfaction Plan, two BIG things have happened.

1. You're talking to us more than you've ever talked to us. Of course, you're talking to us more because there's something in it for you now. Your opinion now determines the cost of your cleaning.

2. You're more satisfied than ever with our service. We've had two complaints over the past six weeks. If you're not in the cleaning business, this number probably means nothing to you. But trust me, it means a lot! We clean more than 225 homes per week. Which means that our customer satisfaction level is currently near 100%!!

Everyone keeps talking about a recession. We talked about it last year. This year is much different. And why is it different?

Three words: Pay For Satisfaction


  1. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I love this concept Ron-wish I was as bold as you!


  2. It's great that this works in your company.

    We pay by commission. And regarding satisfaction, we work on a three strikes policy. If three legitimate complaints come in against the same employee over a 3 month period, they are fired. We work with them first to try to bring them up to par...but ultimately if it continues, they are fired.

    I would not use the customer's word to determine pay because I have seen first hand clients who are impossible to please or unrealisitic in their expectations.