Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Constant Pursuit Of Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is the backbone of our company. We think customer service is what separates us from everybody else. From our Pay For Satisfaction Plan to our constant desire to listen to our customers, we really think we've cornered the customer service market.

But then again, we're far from the best in the world. Check out this article about Zappos, a shoe company that knows their business is much more than just selling shoes. Their customers say it best....

A Zappos customer had ordered a pair of sandals. When they arrived, she found that they didn't fit. She tried to order the right size, but Zappos was sold out of her size. So here's what the company offered: she could return the sandals (for free), Zappos would refund the purchase price and they'd send her a $25 coupon toward her next purchase. But wait — there's more! Zappos also offered to try to locate a pair of the sandals in her size from another vendor. (Hah! Sure, they will!) Fifteen minutes later, the company called my wife and told her they'd found her sandals, in her size, at another online merchant — "and," the Zappos clerk told her, "they're even cheaper at this other site!"

The article says it best, "companies don’t engage emotionally with their customers—people do. If you want to create a memorable company, you have to fill your company with memorable people."

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