Monday, May 19, 2008

How A Boston Maid Service Review Can Mean Something In Florida

On this surface, this review of Boston area cleaning companies appears to only be useful if you actually live in Boston.

But when you dig deeper, you can understand why the reviews can be helpful to anyone - including all of you right here along the gulf coast of Florida.

Here's the winning cleaning company's final comments:

Pros: Great customer service. They called to follow up after our initial call about rates, and after the cleaning they left behind a customer satisfaction survey and 49-point checklist of what they had cleaned. The two-person team also showed the best attention to detail and cleaned some of the spots the other services missed, including the insides of the microwave and toaster oven, plus the dust on a dining table centerpiece. They also folded a blanket left on the couch and cleaned the front entry hall though they weren’t asked to do so.

Cons: Some things, such as the kitchen trash can, weren’t put back in their original spots. And some kitchen tools in a drying rack were put away in odd spots.

The final word: Competitive price and an organized back office, plus good attention to detail, won our vote.

What this should tell you that communication is the backbone of customer service. The more you talk to your cleaning company - the better chance they have at making you happy. That's why we started the Pay For Performance Employee Compensation Plan. And that's also why we started the Pay For Satisfaction Plan.

Customer satisfaction can't happen if we don't know what makes a customer satisfied.

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