Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How To Steal From Your Clients In Three Easy Steps

A housekeeper is facing more than a dozen counts of felony stealing in the theft of more than $32,000 dollars from a St. Louis home. Police say Trina Lipe stole the money over a three-year period, typically by writing checks to herself. Lipe is also accused of stealing $100 from another resident, who said it was "very, very surprising" when she realized what happened.

Step 1 - Charge the customer a great rate - so low that they can't say no.

Step 2 - Gain the customer's trust - "It was very, very, very surprising. Trina was a very sweet person," the victim said. "She would come, be very nice with my children. When they were sick, and home alone, she would make them lunch."

Step 3 - Steal until the customer catches you - Then run away with more than $32,000.

Please watch this video. Hiring a professional housecleaner means hiring a professional first, then a housecleaner next.

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