Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It Will Never Happen To You

Wales, United Kingdom-- A woman who stole and forged checks to the value of more than £1,300 from an elderly stroke victim is facing a jail term. Joanne Jones appeared in court where she admitted three counts of fraud and two counts of forgery. Prosecutors said that Jones had been employed to provide care and cleaning services for the 87-year-old victim in her home.

Her father and grandfather have expressed a desire to reimburse the victim.

Great! Because that's the only way the victim is going to get any money. No bond. No real cleaning company. Just a woman making some money on the side (literally!).

Her rates might be cheap. She may look innocent. And she probably has a business card. But it's doubtful that she's a business.

It never seems like it will happen to you. But it does happen. And when it happens - it's too late. You're stuck. And there's no going back. You're money is already gone.

Of course, maybe you're maid's father will decide to reimburse you.

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