Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What About Your Pets?

We hear the question almost daily. How will you handle my pets when you're cleaning my home?

We see mad cats. We see big dogs. We've even seen nasty looking snakes. And in each case, the answer is the same.

Our employees love your pets. We know this because we don't hire anyone that doesn't love pets. One of the most important questions that a potential employee must answer is this simple question:

Are you pet friendly?

And if the answer is no, we don't hire that person.

Of course, that doesn't mean that you can let your pet snake crawl around while we're cleaning. And your dog may love you, but your dog has no idea who we are. In addition, those loud vacuums can sometimes create some wild reactions from your cat.

So the best course of action is to speak to us directly. We'll come up with a solution. In some cases, our solution is to just keep the pets in a kennel or empty room. And in other cases, we just deal with it - especially if your dog or cat is very friendly. Each homeowner has different needs, so there is no one end-all solution. But one thing is for sure...
Our employees love your pets.

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