Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another Cheap, Uninsured Maid Strikes Again

CAPE CORAL -- This a story you need to hear if you ever have anyone come to your home to do any sort of work - even if you trust and think you know that person well.

Betty Bowman, 92, says the woman she hired to clean and take care of her home, cleaned out a lot more than just her closets. She cleaned out her bank account too.

Bowman said her housekeeper of two years, Susan Beckers, "stole her personal bank checks and cashed those checks without permission."

The arrest report says Beckers forged 25 of Bowman's personal checks, totaling more than $10,000. Detectives say the stolen checks were written to, and endorsed by, Beckers. They added the account numbers on the stolen checks matched Beckers' personal bank account number.

Now, Beckers is being charged with two counts of forgery to a bank note and one count of larceny - charges she admits to.

The general manager of Bowman's housing complex said that she is not a bonded, licensed, or insured cleaning person.

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