Thursday, July 31, 2008

Complaining About Your Maid

Isn't it funny? You'll complain about a botched order from a fast food restaurant. You'll complain if the wait is too long at your local convenience store. And you have no problem complaining if you're cable TV goes out.

But when it comes to housecleaning, you're scared to death to complain. Why is that?

The reason is pretty simply to understand. When you're ordering food at that fast food joint, you're a customer. When you're standing in line at that store, you're a customer. And when your cable goes out during your favorite TV show, you're definitely a customer.

But when your maid makes the same mistake three weeks in a row and you stay silent, you're far from a customer. All you are is someone's side money. Someone's extra cash until something better comes along.

You didn't hire a business. You just hired someone without a job.

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