Monday, July 21, 2008

Where's The Bond?

Step 1. Get in the door by offering a low cleaning rate.

Step 2. Gain the family's trust by getting to know them.

Step 3. Steal until you get caught.

"People who hire individuals to help them, hire them thinking they and their belongings are safe," Judge Sharon Nicklas said to the maid, calling her offense an extreme breach of trust. "People are entitled to feel safe, especially in their own home."

The maid had taken jewelry worth about $70,000, ivory miniatures worth $48,000, antiques, silverware, figurines and rugs totaling $50,000. The items were valued at a total of $168,000!!

Some of the items were retrieved, but the maid was ordered to pay the outstanding restitution of $157,350. And since there was no bond, you better hope this maid wins the lottery real soon. Otherwise, good riddance to your money.

Another Individual Maid Gone Bad

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