Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday Night Live??

Is this real, or is this a comedy sketch???? Nope, it's real and it happens everyday. But never to you, right?

LAFAYETTE, GA -- A man said a woman who was hired to clean his home stole his van.

According to the sheriff’s department reports:

On Sept. 5, between 6 and 7 PM, the woman came to the man’s residence and asked if she could clean his house for money. She said her electricity had been turned off and she needed money to turn it back on. The man told her that she could clean the kitchen and - if she got hungry - could fix herself something to eat.

The man fell asleep and when he awoke, he found the woman had left and taken $12 and his blue 1992 Chevy Astro van.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

TwoMaids on MySpace

Cristi, our Training Manager in Fort Walton Beach, is one awesome member of Two Maids & A Mop. Not only does she perform her job without any problems - but she also goes above and beyond on a regular basis.

Her most recent initiative was to introduce TwoMaids into the social networking world of MySpace.

Check out our MySpace page!!

Thank you Cristi! You are a very special employee. Good things are in front of you!!!!!

Also, check out a few of our employees hanging outside our office in Fort Walton Beach.

P.S. Cristi is on the far right.....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Even Celebrities Don't Get It

Courtney Love apparently can't handle her own mess anymore – and she has had a hard time getting properly hired help. The former "Hole" singer has chosen to post an advertisement for a housekeeper on her MySpace page rather than go through an agency.

Why? Because she says that the cleaning staff she has hired from agencies in the past are all “pigs who steal”!!

1. If they are stealing, then their bond should reimburse you.

2. Hiring randomly from your website is only going to make the problem worse.

To gain trust, you can start by educating yourself on the difference between a professional housecleaner and just a housecleaner.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just Hire Anybody

Does Best Buy compete against a tech geek living in his parent's basement?

Does Ruth Chris compete against a lady who just purchased a cookbook?

The answer: OF COURSE NOT.

Because Best Buy is a business. And most importantly - because Ruth Chris is much better at cooking and serving steaks.

It's obvious that you can buy a cheaper computer from the tech geek. It's also obvious that you can buy a cheaper steak from the lady with a cookbook. You already know this, but you don't care. Because you want to be treated like a customer. And you know that a business will treat you like a customer.

Now keep in mind that we're talking about computers and food. Not your home. Not your most treasured valuables. And not your family's safety. Just computers and food.

Yet everyday, we hear this same old song and dance. "Your rates are too expensive. I'll just hire an individual."

How can your family's home be less important than tonight's dinner?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tales From The Front Line

Heard on the phone just yesterday.....

Caller: "Your rates are too expensive. I'd rather hire an individual cleaner anyway. They need the money more and they'll work harder than a business."

Most of our current customers have already learned their lesson the hard way. I had to learn my own lesson the hard way. And this caller will also have to learn her lesson the hard way.

Individual cleaners show up late. Individual cleaners quit and leave town. Individual cleaners steal. But mostly, individual cleaners don't respect you as a customer. Of course, individual cleaners are also cheap.

And for some, that's all that is required. Until this happens.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why Hiring Your Next Maid From A Road Sign is A Bad Idea

CLERMONT, FL -- Instead of picking things up, a cleaning service is accused of trashing someone's house. The landlord admits she made a big mistake hiring someone off a roadside sign, but what she didn't expect is that the quality of the job depended on the race of her tenants.

The landlord doesn't want to be identified, but claims a cleaning service refused to clean bathrooms and a refrigerator because of the ethnicity of former tenants. The house was trashed, with garbage in every room, and the landlord blames an angry cleaning lady.

Every wall in every room was keyed and the hundreds of feet of scratches will require an entire paint job. The doors of appliances were all bent so they no longer close and someone emptied vacuum cleaner bags all over the house.

No doubt that this landlord has learned her lesson. Will it take this kind of craziness for you to understand the difference between a housecleaner and a professional housecleaner?

Friday, September 05, 2008

On Hiring Just Anyone.....

We staff more than 40 maids every single day. Before one of our maids walks in your front door, we put the prospective employee through an extensive interview process.

Click here to find out how we hire an employee.

For those that didn't click, the main point that you need to know is that every single one of our employees undergoes a nationwide criminal background search. Of course, anything could happen. Just because you've never been convicted of a crime doesn't mean you'll never commit a crime. But it is important to know that we don't just hire anyone.

It takes a lot to get hired by Two Maids & A Mop. After all, we pay more than any other cleaning company in the area. We offer full medical benefits. And we offer a relaxed work atmosphere that can't be found anywhere else (try finding a job that pays you to listen to the radio for 1/3 of the day!)

Long story short, we work our tails off when we hire someone.

But you don't! There's proof everyday that you only hire because the housecleaner is cheap. Just keep scrolling through this blog and you'll see plenty of evidence.

Or you could jut read this excerpt from another chapter of a maid gone bad....

"A woman has been sentenced to a 51-month prison term for the thefts of credit cards and a tennis bracelet from a house she was hired to clean. The sentence was bolstered by the woman's criminal history, which includes felony convictions for first-degree theft, second-degree robbery, and six for drug possession."

What isn't shown is this former maid's rate sheet. You can bet that she was cheap. And you can bet that people chose her simply because she was cheap. Which, of course, was exactly what she was looking for in the first place.....

A professional housecleaner is a lot different than just being a housecleaner. Think about that the next time you're hiring another individual maid.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hire A Professional Cleaner

You have to know by now that anyone can start a cleaning business. It doesn't take a lot of money. It doesn't take a lot of smarts. And it doesn't even require a lot of work. All you need are some mops and buckets and you're in business.

Even drug pushers know that the easiest way to make yourself look like a professional cleaning company is to buy some mops and buckets....

"Over a seven-month span, an undercover New Hanover County, NC deputy rode in a van filled with vacuum cleaners and mops, posing as a cleaning company and buying drugs from 117 people, according to the sheriff’s office. She bought $5,500 worth of drugs, mainly crack and heroin."

This is your home. The same home that you sleep in every night. The same home that contains tons of your valuable possessions. And the same home that gets treated like a car's gas tank when you decide to hire a housecleaner.

Treat your home with respect. Don't just find the cheapest price. Find a professional.