Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just Hire Anybody

Does Best Buy compete against a tech geek living in his parent's basement?

Does Ruth Chris compete against a lady who just purchased a cookbook?

The answer: OF COURSE NOT.

Because Best Buy is a business. And most importantly - because Ruth Chris is much better at cooking and serving steaks.

It's obvious that you can buy a cheaper computer from the tech geek. It's also obvious that you can buy a cheaper steak from the lady with a cookbook. You already know this, but you don't care. Because you want to be treated like a customer. And you know that a business will treat you like a customer.

Now keep in mind that we're talking about computers and food. Not your home. Not your most treasured valuables. And not your family's safety. Just computers and food.

Yet everyday, we hear this same old song and dance. "Your rates are too expensive. I'll just hire an individual."

How can your family's home be less important than tonight's dinner?

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