Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why Hiring Your Next Maid From A Road Sign is A Bad Idea

CLERMONT, FL -- Instead of picking things up, a cleaning service is accused of trashing someone's house. The landlord admits she made a big mistake hiring someone off a roadside sign, but what she didn't expect is that the quality of the job depended on the race of her tenants.

The landlord doesn't want to be identified, but claims a cleaning service refused to clean bathrooms and a refrigerator because of the ethnicity of former tenants. The house was trashed, with garbage in every room, and the landlord blames an angry cleaning lady.

Every wall in every room was keyed and the hundreds of feet of scratches will require an entire paint job. The doors of appliances were all bent so they no longer close and someone emptied vacuum cleaner bags all over the house.

No doubt that this landlord has learned her lesson. Will it take this kind of craziness for you to understand the difference between a housecleaner and a professional housecleaner?

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