Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Caught Stealing, But Still Cleaning

DAYTON, OH — A woman who stole money from athletic boosters and the youth wrestling association was sentenced to probation, not to exceed five years.

The woman was ordered by Judge Timothy O'Connell to pay $2,864 in restitution to the boosters and $2,463 to the wrestling association. Both sanctions included a payment plan of $50 per month.

The woman, who listed her occupation as a self-employed housecleaner on a police arrest report, declined to speak before the sentencing.

Probation means no jail time. And unfortunately, self-employed housecleaner means that she can get a new maid service customer pretty easily by just offering a low rate. Of course, that would never happen to you - right?

This lady would never be hired a professional maid service company because she wouldn't pass a nationwide criminal background search. But she can be hired by you tomorrow - all because you think that there is no difference between housecleaning and professional housecleaning.

The first step in getting hired by Two Maids & A Mop is to pass a nationwide criminal background search. What's your first step in hiring a housecleaner?

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