Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Understanding The Risks Of Hiring An Individual Maid

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've seen all the news headlines about the sinking economy. The stock market is plummeting. Real estate has already plummeted. And most importantly, your pocketbook is a lot lighter.

The obvious way to combat a sinking economy is to cut back your expenses. And one of the most popular expenses to cut is your maid service. At least according to the experts.

The consensus from the experts suggest that you switch from the professional housecleaner to an individual housecleaner. After all, it's just housecleaning. Anybody can do it. So why not save some money and still get the same result - a clean house and a fatter wallet?

Now, the experts may be very knowledgeable in personal finances. But they're far from experts in residential cleaning. Because an individual housecleaner may do the exact opposite to your pocketbook. Just ask these folks if they believe that an individual housecleaner is the same thing as a professional housecleaner. Or just ask David Beckham about his thoughts on hiring an individual maid.

Saving money is important. But the risk far outweighs the benefit when you hire an individual housecleaner.

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