Friday, November 21, 2008

Cleaning Up By Cleaning Out

STUART, FL -- Laura Scoggins had a long criminal history, but people left her alone in their homes. Detectives say Scoggins took advantage of the freedom, going through jewelry boxes and stealing valuables.

Scoggins is a former employee of a cleaning service and is charged with taking items from the homes of clients and her employer while performing cleaning services.

Scoggins served time in prison for drug and theft charges before this latest crime spree.

And there you have it. A housecleaner with a drug and theft conviction. Which means that you have a housecleaner that is not bonded. Which also means that nobody is getting any type of monetary retribution more than likely.

When you hire a professional housecleaning company, demand that your cleaning company prove to you that each and every employee is bonded. Because you can't be bonded if you've been convicted of theft.

There's a reason you don't let strangers into your home at night. Why should it be any different during the day?

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