Friday, November 14, 2008

Even Government Doesn't Get It

Even government doesn't get it.....

"The council also approved the low bid of $7,800 from DK Cleaning Services from Conyers, as a cleaning service for City Hall. This bid was approved over three others of $17,400, $20,820, and $31,906."

Wait until next years budget meeting.

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  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Wow ladies we sing the same music. We created for the same reason in California, and the illegal part isn't referring to immigration. It is referring to exactly what you are saying. We are going to post a link to your blog, because you have done a lot more work than we have.

    In Calif. it is workers compensation insurance that kills us a legal cleaning company. It can run from 15-25% of payroll, and that means for every $100 paid out, an additional $15-$25 goes to work comp., then payroll taxes, then insurance, then gas, then supplies, then equipment, and we made $2 this week, right. Why be legal if even the government goes illegal.

    Government says, "Mr. Smith has had a cleaning company here for years and is well known in the area." Excuse me Mr. and Mrs. City Councilman, Congress person, Senator, if the numbers do not add up it is a no brainer. If the job is 2 people for 4-6 hours @ $10 per hr (is min. $80-$100 per cleaning) without business expenses included, but you are paying $40-$50 each the math. Mr Smith is not operating legally, Einstein!

    Good Luck Ladies,