Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pro's & Con's Of Hiring An Individual Maid

The Pro's
- CHEAP. The most obvious benefit to hiring an individual maid is the low rate. Individual maids are cheap. In some cases, very cheap.

- SAME PERSON. Some people prefer seeing the same cleaning person each visit. An individual maid is only one person, so you should be able to receive the same cleaning person each time.

- QUALITY. There's a chance that you may hire the world's most ambitious housecleaner. She's not cleaning for money. Nope, she's cleaning because she loves cleaning. Believe it or not, it happens. And when it happens, there's no cleaning company on earth that can compete against it.

- CHEAP. The low cleaning rate of an individual maid needs to be mentioned twice because that's the biggest reason for hiring an individual maid.

The Con's
- CHEAP. That low rate offered by an individual maid may look cheap on the surface but you're missing one big point. What if she quits? What if she's late? What if is she breaks something? What if she hurts herself? What if you owe additional payroll taxes? And what if she steals from you?

The answer to each question is that the cheap rate will suddenly become real expensive. When she quits, you have to hire someone else - your time is money. Same goes for late arrivals - who wants to sit around all morning waiting on a maid to show up? The rest of the questions are obvious. But we've provided a few real-world examples for illustration.

What if she breaks something?
What if she hurts herself?
What if you owe additional payroll taxes?
What if she steals from you?

- QUALITY. There's a chance that you have hired the world's best cleaner. But there's also a chance that you have simply hired an out-of-work person that needs some quick cash. And starting a housecleaning business is one of the easiest ways to make some quick cash. The question you need to ask yourself is this.... Are you a customer, or are you a side job? Because side jobs don't get the same attention as customers. When you hire a professional cleaning company, you're a customer. We think housecleaning from 8 AM - 5 PM Monday-Friday. Housecleaning is our focus and that should be a big deal to you.

- FLEXIBILITY. You can cancel at the last minute and we won't care. You can rearrange your cleaning schedule at the last minute and we won't care. You can even schedule a cleaning 12 months in advance and we'll guarantee that we'll be there - and on time! We don't get too sick to work. We don't get pregnant and quit work. We don't move out of town. And we don't sleep too late every now and then. We show up when you tell us to show up. Something even the best individual maid can't promise.

- CUSTOMER SERVICE. To sum it up best, professional cleaning companies treat their customers better than individual maids. Plain and simple - no doubt about it. And the reason that professional cleaning companies treat you better is because our entire day is centered around serving your needs. We don't use notebooks to schedule your housecleaning. We don't use your supplies to clean your house. And we don't take a day off and ask to reschedule your housecleaning. We clean houses and nothing else. And that's great to hear if you're wanting to hire a housecleaning company.

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