Wednesday, December 03, 2008

On The Most Recent Nonsense.....

The recent turmoil centered around an unhappy customer has created quite a bit of interest. Just scroll down to the next post and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Throughout the saga, there's been lots of name calling. Trash talking. And even some rude and character defaming comments. It ends now.

Two Maids & A Mop was contracted to perform a deep cleaning for one customer. The hourly charge was $75 per hour for a team of two maids. The fact is that we needed more time to completely finish our job. Yes, there's a chance that we made mistakes. Yes, there's a chance that we fast forwarded through some areas. And yes, there's a chance that - given time - we would have produced a sparkling, clean home. But nobody can concretely say yes or no to anything at this point.

That's why we refunded the customer $324. That's why we were willing to lose money on this job. That's why we apologized privately and publicly. And that's why changed our procedures so that this saga never gets repeated.

We've begged for forgiveness and yet - our business continues to get trapped in the line of fire. Please stop the nonsense and move on.

The smart thing to do would be to eliminate any history of this mess. But the professional thing to do is to address the issue. Our customers know that we're not perfect. And our customers also know that we care more about our reputation than a silly dollar.

At the end of the day, we feel comfortable knowing that we've done the right thing. We refunded 60% of the customer's money (at the customer's request mind you - and yes, I know I negotiated for $25 more dollars). We apologized countless times. We accepted responsibility. We learned from our mistakes. And we've never once lowered our ourselves to the point of name calling or character defamation.

We're all human. Let's all now start acting a little more humane. Please.

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  1. Ron, I will say this as I have said before. The only way to prevent ANY of this is to take down these blogs.

    Otherwise people are going to say NASTY things about "ME" and I will respond with what was done (the facts). I can not control what people are going to say about you guys (I am not them). I can only state my experience. I have said (and I repeat) that you and I had a good conversation, I think you DO have HAPPY customers and that I have NO DOUBT that you do some AWESOME work out there. My experience is just my experience.

    The only way to prevent the continuation of this is to delete these blogs (as I suggested on the phone, mine included).

    It only hurts "your" business and frankly keeps opening up a can of worm. Comments like the one made on the other blog about calling the "social services" are totally not acceptable. It would be like me threatening to call OSHA on Doctors office.

    You have apologized and I do appreciate that. I agree it should have been handled in a different way and I would like to see a explanation on the 100% guarantee since I'm confused about how that exactly works. Seems like it sure has taken me a while to get around to getting my guarantee (or the satisfaction). Maybe that should be your next blog.

    Thank you ~ micki