Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Always The Housekeeper

The U.S. Treasury Nominee is in trouble for hiring an illegal maid for his home.

What would you do if you're neighbor was stealing from your garage?

The answer is obvious. You would defend your property. Call the police. Do whatever it takes to prevent the theft and punish the thief.

Well, if you're neighbor is hiring an individual maid - she's stealing from you. And your stealing if you're hiring an individual maid too.

Not paying your taxes is a theft. You're stealing at the expense of someone else.

It always amazes me when I meet normal, law-abiding people who justify theft simply because their maid is cheap. Are you a thief? And if so, are you justifying it?

Remember that scenario involving your neighbor. Does it feel different when the theft is blind? Either way, your pockets are being invaded.

Of course, it can all be corrected pretty quickly. Just hire a professional cleaning company. Pay your taxes. And don't steal from your neighbor in the process.

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