Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hiring A Housecleaner Has Never Been Easier

Hiring a housecleaner has never been easier. With unemployment levels rising every day, that leaves more people than ever looking for a quick way to make an extra buck.

Cleaning your house has never required lots of money or intelligence - so you can bet that many of those unemployed people will be leaving a flyer on your door in the next few weeks.

Be careful. Just because someone calls herself a housecleaning company doesn't mean that she knows one thing about how to clean your house or run a company. Here's proof that hiring any 'ol housecleaner could cause you much more pain that you realize.....

My Housecleaner Stole From Me - How Can I get My Money Back?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Examining The Mind Of A Struggling Cleaning Business Owner

Everyone knows that it's quick, simple, cheap and easy to start a cleaning business. All it takes is a few bucks and little sweat. And for that reason, it's also just as easy to quit.

That's why so many people decide to contact a professional cleaning service. They just get sick and tired of going through countless numbers of cheap housecleaning "companies".

To get a more in-depth analysis of how the mind of a quick, simple, cheap and easy cleaning business owner works....... read this. Here's some nuggets from the linked article.

1. How To Start a Business Without Any Money - Start A Cleaning Company!!
"I am 21, a student and a business owner. Seven months ago I opened a cleaning business (I couldn't afford to open anything else) and since then my life has been a living hell."

2. How To Hire The Cheapest Labor Possible - And Get Away With It!!
"The first month I found it hard to get a contract, but I did get one eventually, and found some employees willing to work part time. In two months, something was stolen from the place I was cleaning... they almost gave up the contract but I returned the goods, fired the employees, and found new ones."

3. How To Quit Your New Company - And Leave Your Customers High And Dry!!
"In January my car broke down and needed a major repair on the engine. I needed to get the cash from my cleaning contracts for December but they didn't pay and I cannot pay my university, car insurance and taxes. I am so sick of it and I feel I am coming to a nervous breakdown pretty soon. Is running a business always so painful? Am I too weak, or did I just chose a complicated domain? I am starting to think seriously about closing because I feel I just cannot take it anymore."

Of course, that's not easy to read. There's no pleasure in knowing that someone is struggling. But the point of this post is to illustrate to you how the mind of a struggling cleaning company operates.

Since there is no investment in time or capital, there's really no need to pursue the venture any longer. Eventually, the business closes and leaves its customers searching for another option. The option for that customer is then two fold.

1. Do you keep on hiring the cheapest cleaner?, or...
2. Do you finally decide to pay a few more bucks and hire someone that you can depend on?

Cheap rates keep on selling - especially in this down economy. But eventually, time proves that your cheap rate is cheap for a reason.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Comments From This Week

We've had a great week. Check out some of this week's customer comments......

They did a great job, I will rate them a 10++!
Lisa from Pensacola, FL

They did a great job. A 10. I love coming home from work to a clean house!!!
Rhonda from Cantonment, FL

Fantastic job today! Give 'em both a 10.
Al from Panama City, FL

They are very sweet and they did an incredible job yesterday. 10++ for both ladies.
Robin from Pensacola, FL

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Retire "Pay For Performance"?

A columnist thinks the phrase "pay for performance" needs to be retired. Here's his explanation....

"With trillions of dollars disappearing from stock markets and economies worldwide, it’s a gross understatement to call 2008 a bad year. It was a year that slashed our savings, threatened our jobs and rocked our confidence. Yet, at the very same time banks were “borrowing” billions of dollars from our nation’s treasury, their executives were also larding on themselves huge bonuses. Over $18 billion worth, according to President Obama. I think it is time to officially retire the phrase “pay for performance.” The phrase to use now is “pay in spite of performance,” because clearly for today’s corner office crowd this escalator only knows how to go up."

Pay for performance works. But it only works when performance is measured effectively. In our business, a customer provides feedback. That feedback is THE ONLY factor used to determine our employees' paycheck. That's a powerful, motivating tool - money does indeed talk.

Of course, pay for performance doesn't work when the reward is already set in stone. Pay for performance also doesn't work when the reward is less than rewarding. And most importantly, pay for performance doesn't work if the measuring system is flawed.

The success of a maid service is directly based on the satisfaction of its customers. And since our employees' paycheck is 100% dependent on our customers satisfaction - we think that our "pay for performance" plan can be safe from any early retirement.

The TwoMaids Pay For Performance Plan Explained

Monday, February 09, 2009

What People In Gulf Breeze Are Saying About Us.....

"What can I say? Two Maids & A Mop is like a part of my family. Their work is always above and beyond my expectations. Even the baby knows and loves them. Please give everyone big raises as they deserve them."

Kim from Gulf Breeze, FL

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Another Politician Gets Caught Gambling

Tax troubles have tripped up another Obama administration official.

Nancy Killefer withdrew from consideration to be the federal government's chief performance officer -- a new position -- because of her past failure to pay unemployment taxes for household help at her home.

"I recognize that your agenda and the duties facing your chief performance officer are urgent," Killefer wrote in a letter to President Barack Obama Tuesday. "I have also come to realize in the current environment that my personal tax issue of D.C. unemployment tax could be used to create exactly the kind of distraction and delay those duties must avoid. Because of this I must reluctantly ask you to withdraw my name from consideration."

You may never run for President. You may not even run for your neighborhood's board. But the fact still remains that you are breaking the law when you hire an individual maid. You can gamble and take the chance you'll never get caught. Or you can just follow the law and hire a professional cleaning company. The choice is yours.