Thursday, February 19, 2009

Examining The Mind Of A Struggling Cleaning Business Owner

Everyone knows that it's quick, simple, cheap and easy to start a cleaning business. All it takes is a few bucks and little sweat. And for that reason, it's also just as easy to quit.

That's why so many people decide to contact a professional cleaning service. They just get sick and tired of going through countless numbers of cheap housecleaning "companies".

To get a more in-depth analysis of how the mind of a quick, simple, cheap and easy cleaning business owner works....... read this. Here's some nuggets from the linked article.

1. How To Start a Business Without Any Money - Start A Cleaning Company!!
"I am 21, a student and a business owner. Seven months ago I opened a cleaning business (I couldn't afford to open anything else) and since then my life has been a living hell."

2. How To Hire The Cheapest Labor Possible - And Get Away With It!!
"The first month I found it hard to get a contract, but I did get one eventually, and found some employees willing to work part time. In two months, something was stolen from the place I was cleaning... they almost gave up the contract but I returned the goods, fired the employees, and found new ones."

3. How To Quit Your New Company - And Leave Your Customers High And Dry!!
"In January my car broke down and needed a major repair on the engine. I needed to get the cash from my cleaning contracts for December but they didn't pay and I cannot pay my university, car insurance and taxes. I am so sick of it and I feel I am coming to a nervous breakdown pretty soon. Is running a business always so painful? Am I too weak, or did I just chose a complicated domain? I am starting to think seriously about closing because I feel I just cannot take it anymore."

Of course, that's not easy to read. There's no pleasure in knowing that someone is struggling. But the point of this post is to illustrate to you how the mind of a struggling cleaning company operates.

Since there is no investment in time or capital, there's really no need to pursue the venture any longer. Eventually, the business closes and leaves its customers searching for another option. The option for that customer is then two fold.

1. Do you keep on hiring the cheapest cleaner?, or...
2. Do you finally decide to pay a few more bucks and hire someone that you can depend on?

Cheap rates keep on selling - especially in this down economy. But eventually, time proves that your cheap rate is cheap for a reason.

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