Thursday, March 05, 2009

Customer Feedback From Mary Esther, FL

"I was VERY HAPPY with the service. Unfortunately I had a meeting and wasn't able to be there when your two employees arrived. They tried calling my cell phone twice but I wasn't able to answer either phone call due to my busy schedule. Instead of just waiting around for me to call - or worse leaving - they began cleaning what made sense to clean.

Your employees were very professional and asked succinct questions to ensure they performed the services I was looking for. When I got home the house was SPOTLESS, a pretty impressive feat based on the amount of dust from repairs and the general disarray (I have boxes with blinds laying around and other pieces of furniture out of place).

Your exceptional employees have taken a huge weight off my shoulders. I'm trying to rent out my house, and now I'll be able to show it while I'm gone. You've always done a great job for one of my friends and I'm glad he recommended your services to me. I'll be happy to pass on my recommendations to others as well. Please rate my service as a whole hearted 10. Take care and thanks again."

Meghan from Mary Esther, FL

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