Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How To Lose Your Personal Liberties......

A top U.S. Customs and Border Protection employee was arrested last year on suspicion of encouraging one of her cleaning ladies -- said to be an illegal immigrant -- to stay in the country.

An affidavit says Lorraine Henderson continued to employ a woman after being told she was an illegal immigrant.

Lorraine Henderson job as a Boston port director included helping keep illegal immigrants out of the United States. She was charged in federal court last year with harboring an illegal alien. An affidavit alleges that the immigrant was one of three Brazilian women -- all said to have been in the United States illegally -- whom Henderson paid to clean her condominium.

And just recently, Henderson was sued by two of her cleaning ladies for discrimination.

Of course, everyone knows why Henderson hired the illegal immigrant to clean her home. She was cheap. Cheaper than everyone else. So cheap that she legitimized the illegal activity.

If you hire a professional cleaning company, you never have to worry about being sued. You never have to worry about being audited. And you never have to worry about being arrested.

The question you have to answer is, " Do I want to save $10 - $20 so much that I'll endanger my personal liberties and freedom?" If the answer is yes, then go ahead and hire the cheapest cleaning lady in the world. If the answer is no, then go ahead and hire a professional cleaning company.

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