Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are You A Customer Or An Employer?

Kobe Bryant was recently sued by his ex-housekeeper. The California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board ruled that Bryant and his wife must pay $326 a week in unemployment benefits to their former housekeeper. The ruling affirms a decision by an administrative law judge who found that the maid testified credibly that she was forced to quit because she was "demeaned and humiliated" by her employer.

While that story is interesting, the most important item to take away from the verdict is the word "employer". Kobe employed his housekeeper. And as a result, he was forced to act like an employer. In other words, he had to follow all sorts of laws and regulations that he was surely unaware of because...........he's an NBA basketball player. Not the owner of a maid service.

Of course, the state of California says that Kobe was the owner of a maid service. So the question to you is.... Are you the owner of a maid service? There's one simple way to determine if you are the owner of a maid service.

Every single legal business entity is required to register for a Tax ID number with the federal government. This number tracks a business and forces a business to follow certain laws and regulations. Most importantly, this number gets you off the hook as a maid service customer.

To determine if your are a customer or an employer, click here. Now, the search isn't free. But it's important - just ask Kobe Bryant if he thinks it's important. Conduct the search now because tomorrow could be too late.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Individual Maid Steals From Niceville Homeowners

There's been countless numbers of articles detailing thefts by individual maids. Often, those thefts occur in places such Ohio, Texas, California, or Georgia. In other words, a long way from northwest Florida.

NICEVILLE, FL -- A joint investigation by the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office and Niceville Police Department has led to the arrest of a Valparaiso woman on multiple counts of grand theft.

Thirty-year-old Jennifer Michelle Denney is charged by the OCSO with six counts of grand theft and six counts of dealing in stolen property. The Niceville Police Department has also charged Denney with one count of grand theft.

Investigators says Denney stole more than $30,000 in jewelry from various homes in Niceville and the Bluewater Bay area while working as a housecleaner.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Reverse Lottery Ticket

Hiring an individual maid is like playing the lottery in reverse. At best, you'll hire a cheap, quality driven cleaning professional. At worst, you'll hire a cheap thief.

It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is for these crooks to steal your money. You would never let a stranger enter your at home at 9PM just because she knocked on your door. But that caution goes out the window if that same stranger offers you a low rate for housecleaning.

Hiring a professional cleaning company costs you more money in the short term. But hiring an individual maid can certainly cost you more in the long term. Here's a couple that nearly lost more than $100,000 simply because they hired a stranger to clean their home.

Housekeeper Steals $107,000 Worth of Jewelry

The stranger may have a newspaper advertisement. The stranger may look decent. The stranger may even have references. But what do you really know about that stranger???

Has she been convicted of a crime in the past? How long has she been in business? Is she bonded and insured up to at least $300,000? Does she carry workers' compensation up to at least $1 million dollars? How can she guarantee your satisfaction each and every time? How can she guarantee her arrival time each time? And how can she guarantee you that she will be in business this time next year?

Those are the first questions you should ask every single prospective maid. But here's the first and only question most people ask.....

What are your rates?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Simplest Way To Explain The Decision of Hiring A Maid

If you hire an individual to clean your home - YOU ARE AN EMPLOYER

If you hire a professional cleaning company to clean your home - YOU ARE A CUSTOMER

Which do you want to be?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Don't Tell Your Maid To "Break A Leg" While Cleaning

Three quick questions:
1. What happens if your maid falls and breaks her leg while inside your home? Since you're the employer, it's your responsibility to cover all medical expenses. In addition, you may be responsible for lost wages as a result of the injury.

2. What happens if your maid gets bit by your dog while in your home? Ditto the first answer.

3. What happens if your maid lies and fakes an injury while in your home? Then it's up the court system to decide the verdict. If you win, then you've still lost plenty of valuable time. If you lose, you may lose much more than just time.

One final question:
4. What happens if all three of these things happen and you've hired Two Maids & A Mop as your maid service? Nothing happens. You have no liability at all because part of your payment to Two Maids & A Mop acts like an insurance premium. You're not responsible for any injury at all. All you need to care about is the quality of the cleaning. Forget all the legal stuff when you hire us.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Just Hire The Best People

We claim to be the best cleaning company in each of three cities we serve. Two recent surveys have proven that many, many people know that we are the best cleaning service in town. But just how do we create the best cleaning service in town? It's really simple and it all boils to just one central idea.

Only hire the best people.

Of course, you've got to give people a reason to want to work for you. Our Pay For Performance Plan gives our employees a chance to earn the highest wages in the local cleaning industry. Money talks and our employees know that they can earn above average pay if they make you happy. That by itself is sometimes all it takes. But we do much more than just pay above average wages.

In the cleaning industry, most businesses pay on a commission basis. That means that you get paid based on the quantity of cleanings in one day. Notice I said quantity - not quality. The quicker you clean - the more money you make. The longer your day - the more money you make. Our employees get paid an hourly rate from the time they walk into our office to the time they walk back into our office. In many cases, our employees only clean two homes in one day. The absolute maximum number of homes cleaned in one day is just three. Many prospective employees have told us horror stories of cleaning six, seven - sometimes eight homes in one single day. They call it speed cleaning. We call it commission cleaning.

Like I said earlier, money talks. Using the commission scale, an employee wants to clean as many homes as possible simply because more money can be earned. But here's the kicker, employees at Two Maids & A Mop still earn (on average) earn more money than our local cleaning company competitors. We've heard time after time from previous employees of those companies.

So you not only work less - but you also get paid more money. That's an obvious win-win situation. And that's a win-win for our customers too. Our customers know that our employees get paid based on their satisfaction. But our customers can also be comforted knowing that their maids won't be exhausted by the time they enter their home.

That's our formula. Just hire the best people. It's worked for a long time now. And something tells me that it'll keep working.