Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are You A Customer Or An Employer?

Kobe Bryant was recently sued by his ex-housekeeper. The California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board ruled that Bryant and his wife must pay $326 a week in unemployment benefits to their former housekeeper. The ruling affirms a decision by an administrative law judge who found that the maid testified credibly that she was forced to quit because she was "demeaned and humiliated" by her employer.

While that story is interesting, the most important item to take away from the verdict is the word "employer". Kobe employed his housekeeper. And as a result, he was forced to act like an employer. In other words, he had to follow all sorts of laws and regulations that he was surely unaware of because...........he's an NBA basketball player. Not the owner of a maid service.

Of course, the state of California says that Kobe was the owner of a maid service. So the question to you is.... Are you the owner of a maid service? There's one simple way to determine if you are the owner of a maid service.

Every single legal business entity is required to register for a Tax ID number with the federal government. This number tracks a business and forces a business to follow certain laws and regulations. Most importantly, this number gets you off the hook as a maid service customer.

To determine if your are a customer or an employer, click here. Now, the search isn't free. But it's important - just ask Kobe Bryant if he thinks it's important. Conduct the search now because tomorrow could be too late.

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  1. Very interesting! I don't know how much that specifically relates to my business, HOWEVER it is a great reminder to not assume things should be a certain way.

    With the Kobe thing. I doubt he is going to miss the $326 per week. I guess I'm not surprised they didn't jack the unemployment up on him for being a gagillionaire.

    Oh well . . . Kobe, what's next?