Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Don't Tell Your Maid To "Break A Leg" While Cleaning

Three quick questions:
1. What happens if your maid falls and breaks her leg while inside your home? Since you're the employer, it's your responsibility to cover all medical expenses. In addition, you may be responsible for lost wages as a result of the injury.

2. What happens if your maid gets bit by your dog while in your home? Ditto the first answer.

3. What happens if your maid lies and fakes an injury while in your home? Then it's up the court system to decide the verdict. If you win, then you've still lost plenty of valuable time. If you lose, you may lose much more than just time.

One final question:
4. What happens if all three of these things happen and you've hired Two Maids & A Mop as your maid service? Nothing happens. You have no liability at all because part of your payment to Two Maids & A Mop acts like an insurance premium. You're not responsible for any injury at all. All you need to care about is the quality of the cleaning. Forget all the legal stuff when you hire us.

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