Friday, May 01, 2009

Just Hire The Best People

We claim to be the best cleaning company in each of three cities we serve. Two recent surveys have proven that many, many people know that we are the best cleaning service in town. But just how do we create the best cleaning service in town? It's really simple and it all boils to just one central idea.

Only hire the best people.

Of course, you've got to give people a reason to want to work for you. Our Pay For Performance Plan gives our employees a chance to earn the highest wages in the local cleaning industry. Money talks and our employees know that they can earn above average pay if they make you happy. That by itself is sometimes all it takes. But we do much more than just pay above average wages.

In the cleaning industry, most businesses pay on a commission basis. That means that you get paid based on the quantity of cleanings in one day. Notice I said quantity - not quality. The quicker you clean - the more money you make. The longer your day - the more money you make. Our employees get paid an hourly rate from the time they walk into our office to the time they walk back into our office. In many cases, our employees only clean two homes in one day. The absolute maximum number of homes cleaned in one day is just three. Many prospective employees have told us horror stories of cleaning six, seven - sometimes eight homes in one single day. They call it speed cleaning. We call it commission cleaning.

Like I said earlier, money talks. Using the commission scale, an employee wants to clean as many homes as possible simply because more money can be earned. But here's the kicker, employees at Two Maids & A Mop still earn (on average) earn more money than our local cleaning company competitors. We've heard time after time from previous employees of those companies.

So you not only work less - but you also get paid more money. That's an obvious win-win situation. And that's a win-win for our customers too. Our customers know that our employees get paid based on their satisfaction. But our customers can also be comforted knowing that their maids won't be exhausted by the time they enter their home.

That's our formula. Just hire the best people. It's worked for a long time now. And something tells me that it'll keep working.

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