Friday, May 15, 2009

The Reverse Lottery Ticket

Hiring an individual maid is like playing the lottery in reverse. At best, you'll hire a cheap, quality driven cleaning professional. At worst, you'll hire a cheap thief.

It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is for these crooks to steal your money. You would never let a stranger enter your at home at 9PM just because she knocked on your door. But that caution goes out the window if that same stranger offers you a low rate for housecleaning.

Hiring a professional cleaning company costs you more money in the short term. But hiring an individual maid can certainly cost you more in the long term. Here's a couple that nearly lost more than $100,000 simply because they hired a stranger to clean their home.

Housekeeper Steals $107,000 Worth of Jewelry

The stranger may have a newspaper advertisement. The stranger may look decent. The stranger may even have references. But what do you really know about that stranger???

Has she been convicted of a crime in the past? How long has she been in business? Is she bonded and insured up to at least $300,000? Does she carry workers' compensation up to at least $1 million dollars? How can she guarantee your satisfaction each and every time? How can she guarantee her arrival time each time? And how can she guarantee you that she will be in business this time next year?

Those are the first questions you should ask every single prospective maid. But here's the first and only question most people ask.....

What are your rates?

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