Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Are You Crash Proof?

Peoria, IL -- An apartment building is a mess after the building's cleaning lady drove her SUV through a brick wall. Maricella Cuevas says she accidentally hit the gas when pulling into a parking space next to the apartments.

Now, there's a car-sized hole in one of the apartment's walls. Cuevas says she regularly cleans some rooms in the building. The car crash knocked a stereo cabinet onto the legs of a woman sleeping inside the building. She was taken to a hospital, but the injury is believed to be minor. The cleaning lady who ran into the building was startled by the crash, but was not hurt.

Of course, this article is funny since no one was seriously hurt. The apartment building may need some renovation - but other than that - it's just a funny side story.

But what would have happened if the cleaning lady was hired by you to clean your house? And what if your cleaning lady was just a cleaning lady - not a cleaning business? This is what would happen.....

1. You would be forced to pay for all damages.
2. You would be forced to pay for all injuries.
3. You would be forced to pay for all lost income as a result of the injuries.

And in the end, you would even be forced to hire someone else to clean your home!!!

If you're bound and determined to save those few bucks by hiring a cleaning lady, then you should know that you are assuming the same liability as a professional cleaning business.

You're an employer - not a customer.

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