Monday, October 12, 2009

New Law In Georgia May Force Background Checks On Your Maid

A state representative in the state of Georgia is trying to create a new law which will require people to undergo criminal background checks if they perform domestic services such as maid service. The lawmaker created the law because of a recent attack by an individual hired to clean a Georgia home.

Of course, I'm all for it because we've been requiring nationwide criminal background checks for some time now. No way would I allow a stranger with an unknown past walk into one of our clients' home. So the law would help because it would force all those under the table cleaning ladies to provide documentation on their background.

But it got me to thinking....Why do you need a law to force someone to undergo a background check? Shouldn't a background check be an absolute necessity. But then - all it takes is referring back to this particular attack. Here's what the homeowner said toward the end of the article....

Scott said she no longer uses a cleaning service but has hired an independent cleaning worker that a friend recommended to her.

Now, no one knows if this cleaning lady provided her with a background check. But the fact that it wasn't mentioned strongly suggests that no background check was required. A simple reference from a friend was all that was required.

This happens everyday, but it usually happens for different purposes. Usually, it's because of money. You see, individual cleaning ladies are cheap. They're cheap for a variety of reasons but one big reason is because all they have to do is just show up and clean your house.

And that works for most people. But every now and then - it doesn't work. And when it doesn't work - something really bad happens. It could be theft. It could be damage to your property. Or it could result in a brutal attack like the one in Georgia.

Saving money is important in today's tough economic times. I know that. But is saving a few bucks more important than the safety and security of your home and family?

There's always a 1%. Don't let your home become that statistic. Hire someone that has never been convicted of a crime before. And don't stop there. Require references. Require tax documentation. Require that your cleaning lady act like any other business.

Just because we clean your toilets doesn't mean you shouldn't expect to be treated like a customer.

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